#KIWICABAL: OBAMA’s 3/22 NZ Party w/PM Key, Q-“Suicides” #QTROLLBOTS

You Are Free TV
25 March 2019

3/25: BHO traveled to NZ for the “National call to prayer”, during which Imam Fo_da said that mass_cre victims were martyrs in the cause of Isl_m. He met with former PM Sir John Key, chairman of the Board of ANZ Banking Group, the US AMbassador to NZ, Scott Brown and brought with him former Ambassador to NZ, Mark Gilbert. Meanwhile, Jeremy R_chman, high-profile parent from S H__k event, who has been suing Al_x Jon_s, was found dead in his office in New Town CT today. Q says: “watch the suicides”.

  • Avenatti charged with extorting Nike Corp for $25M over college basketball scholarship scam:
  • Yellow Vests had a huge March this 20th week showing the movement still stands strong against the attempts to stop it.
  • In the UK there was a well-funded movement behind the March for a Second Referendum. You could see everyone carrying the same sort of sign & a huge banner – all very well organised.  She says she didn’t see the ”1 Million participants” however.
  • Google is pushing out the favoured search results by manipulation of the platform.
  • The FBI has been said to be at the head of the investigation into the NZ Massacre???
  • NZ is a safe haven for Obama, Clinton etc & John Key gave a heap of money to the Clinton Foundation – Key is now on the Board of ANZ Bank btw.
  • S Hook Crisis Actors are committing suicide e.g. Robbie Parker
  • Tptwtb are now renovating the whole area where the ”Christchurch Massacre” took place just as they did at all the other venues.

Nancy Cox
NZ protect your children…sounds like Obama is setting up a trafficking organization…Never Forget Haiti!

Saiful Rimkeit
Thank you, yes.
And also Obama appears to have been involved in trafficking kids in Thailand, which was shut down by American Rangers according to sources.

Kate Catinella
Nancy Cox The elite and cabal has already infiltrated NZ and flooded the real estate market. Just try to buy land there, you could never afford it. NZers already trying to fight the invasion, but money always wins.

Last Days
Obama’s economic guy commits suicide who just wrote a book named Rockenomics due out in June.

Saiful Rimkeit
Interesting that the FBI shows up in New Zealand . They curiously show up whenever a False Flag event takes place. To control the survival of the evidence, I guess.

Mary Ellen O’Leary
The cabal has been moving operations to NZ for at least two years that I am aware of. Perhaps They don’t want guns there to prevent the population from using those guns against the cabal when the truth comes out.

Obama arrives in NZ to survey his handiwork, UNBELIEVABLE!!!

I would encourage everyone to look up “taqiya” or “Taqiyya” it is a doctrine of obligatory deception in Islam.

Secture Vero
Sandyhook was the most blatantly false flag op. Just so happens there was Federal training going on half mile away…on school shootings!!! So many actors found giving “eyewitness” testimony.

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