Stan Deyo – Who is Jared Kushner? – 3/5/19

The Official Hagman Report Published on 6 Mar 2019

daughter of the Most High
Why does kushner own a RFID company? Who’s he planning on “chipping” people are so focused on Trump that they don’t even she his evil sidekick…

The Jedi Of Truth
Totally appreciate Stan’s work/study, but to me it makes more sense that the NWO Beast System will be run by the Zionist Synagogue of Satan from Jerusalem in cahoots with The Vatican, Islam and the Fast Food Evangelical Christian Coalition, not just The Vatican in bed with Islam. There will probably be power structures all over the earth (which is under a dome by the way and not a spinning globe orbiting the sun, but that’s another subject) Rome, London, New York/D.C. Moscow, so many places that may be tied into Jerusalem in the coming Luciferian System. If anyone is interested in learning about the Noahide Laws, I’ll supply a link. 🙂

David Boudreau
A.O.C.(Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) is a perfect example of. JEZEBEL NARCISIST of the next generation

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