Couple who quit their careers to sail around the world for a ‘couple of years’ are still going almost a DECADE later – even after welcoming three children who they now raise on the boat

A couple who left the UK to sail around the world ‘for a couple of years’ in 2011 have revealed why they’re still going – and have got married and had three children along the way.

Jess Lloyd-Mostyn, now 36, from London, had never even set foot on a boat when she ‘joked’ to her then boyfriend James, now her husband, that they should buy a yacht and circumnavigate the globe.

However, less than a year – and a few sailing courses – later, the couple left Falmouth and set off for the adventure of a lifetime that would see them visit 36 countries and cover 26,000 miles in eight years – and they have no plans to come home for good.

They left their careers – Jess as an artist and James, 48, as an architect with four degrees between them – and rented out their London house and a flat, to help fund the trip, using the money they had saved to build an extension to buy a £35,000, 42ft Crossbow 42 ‘that needed a lot of work’.

Two years after setting sail, Rocket, now five, was born in Mexico after Jess went into labour during a six-hour bus ride en route to the birthing centre, Indigo, three, was born in a house-sit in New Zealand in 2015, and Autumn was born during a visit back to London last year.

Elle, Copenhagen, Denmark, @DailyMail
All you need is: Luck, health, a great partner, the will to do it, some bravery and common sense

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