Lyn Thyer (GcMAF) Extradition Hearing

Ian R Crane
12 March 2019

  • Next Hearing somewhere 27/28 March 2019 – More people required for this.
  • David’s ”Directions Hearing” on 28 March 2019 at Westminster – they are going after David Noakes & that Lyn’s case yesterday was a ”fishing expedition”. We must make every effort to oversee this one as well.
  • NEITHER of these British Citizens should go to French Jails.  We must ALL make sure that (((they))) don’t get (((their))) way on this matter.
  • GW: It was an eventful day & I believe that Judge Supperstone is an ”interesting” character.  e.g. Here he is earlier in March UK Judge blocks attempt to force release of brexit papers & was also present on the bench for Deliveroo riders collective bargaining legal appeal.  However in 2011 he halved a sexual offender’s sentence.

John Morris
The big drug companies don’t want a cure for cancer, only customers who need repeated treatments.

ZOO Scott​
10 Drowning St is sUnK, is lol dave in


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