Drug dealers are targeting students at Britain’s top universities with business cards selling Buy One Get One Free deals on MDMA and cocaine – and some are even offering FREE SAMPLES

RE; Our conversation about tptwtb thing to destroy the middle class with drugs:

Leeds University: After our reporter rang the number on a business card for ‘Jaye’, this man (pictured above) arrived to sell him MDMA – even throwing in a gram for free

Nottingham University: This man (pictured above) arrived after our investigator contacted the number listed on a business card.

Queen Mary University: This driver of a £50,000 Mercedes arrived after our reporter rang the number on a business card for ‘Rico’


Beezer, Halifax, Canada,
Never ceases to amaze me why supposedly rational people would buy something like this from someone with very suspicious hygiene problems then, inject it into their bodies.

Paul Holbourne, Bangkok, Thailand,
Bring back the death penalty that was scrapped over 50 years ago, in the face of public opposition. The jails will soon empty, and the crime rate will plummet. That’s only if the cops and courts do the right thing!

Dickypimms, Copenhagen Cambridge Beijing, United Kingdom,
When I went to UCL 40 years ago it was pretty much Cannabis and alcohol were the main drugs. Now the stuff seems harder. But it is the case the dealers are much more organised and the violence behind the drugs that worries me more. And also the failure to take action by the police and the universities.

Mr Realistic, The real England, United Kingdom,
If it is so easy for someone in the media to do why don’t the police do it??

GW: A very good question & now their physogs are all over the InterNetWork it would be even easier to facilitate some arrests.

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