Grayling’s Incompetence Part iii

With Mayhem’s toxic environment of hatred for the populace through social welfare and cuts to anything and everything it’s good to see they are throwing tax payers money around like confetti.

This despicable court jester being near any decision making or govt funds is now no longer anything other than contempt for the UK. The sheer negligence is staggering and the responsibility lies with him and the residing ghoul above, twisted evil slurry the lot of them.

There will be no Britain left by the time they finish their despotic reign of hostilities.

Why is this man not in prison? For him £33 million is chicken feed. In a lead article on this site this is reported:

The National Audit Office (NAO) said that while the 2014 Transforming Rehabilitation programme aimed to reduce reoffending and save money, the government has been forced to bail out failing companies and cancel contracts early in moves expected to cost taxpayers more than £467m.

How much did it cost us to bail out Carillion bankruptcy? Also his responsibility.

How many homes, hospitals and job creation programs could have been built with the money this man has caused to be lost?

And he is still employed as a cabinet minister! Beggars belief.

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