You Are Free TV: Pope Hugs Up To ME But Doesn’t Even Bother To Turn Up To A Victims Child Abuse Summit Vatican

You Are Free TV
Published on 27 Feb 2019

  • JubeTube Takes down Gary A. DePietro Channel – Once PedoGate came out he got a massive amount of attack.  Also at DigitalWildfire2018
  • Soros funded NGOs: Media Matters & Hope Not Hate etc.  Fascist organisations being used via a ”Fake Liberal Ideology” to engineer a takedown of Liberty centred voices.
  • Shoutout to Project Veritas for putting out good information.
  • Goggle openly lying before Congress saying they don’t censor when they obviously do.  Use YANDEX, Duck Duck Go etc.
  • BUSTED! Ocasio-Cortez’s Chief Of Staff Caught Eating A Hamburger. What About The Planet Dude?  Another perfect example of politicians – ”Do as I say not as I do” type of situation.
  • Associates of Juan Guaido Poisoned With Scopolamine – It happened during the Venezuela Aid Branson Concert – this drug is usually associated with Haiti/Colombia/Clintonesque Operations
  • See churchdog42 for further details
  • Cuba & Nicaragua are also in the frame for takeover.  See StopTheCrimeNet for further details.
  • (((They))) are trying to force Cuba into a PPP with the US.  Russia is backing Cuba of course.  Debra Tavares said Jared Kushner is in negotiation over land deal with Cuba.
  • (((They))) ”droughted out” Cuba in the past with Operation Nile Blue to try to destroy their sugar cane industry.
  • Cuba Nicaragua & Venezuela were trying to create an alternative exchange mechanism based on what they were producing – So that would be a No No with (((them)))
  • Mike Cohen – He literally lied his head off – Lawyers were never intended to be in Government under Common Law.
  •  Cardinal Pell is hugely involved in the Australian Jesuit trafficking rings & is therefore too powerful to defrock & making too much money for the Vatican.
  • 31 January 2019: Pope says ‘happy to write new page in history’ with UAE visit
  • 13 February 2019: Pope talks AI ethics with Microsoft head Smith
  • 12 November 2017: Robots begin to replace humans in customer care services in Dubai
  • 5 January 2018: The AI “Image of the Beast”  Leading to Ai controlled One World Religion – Make no mistake – we are heading straight to it.  And Bergog is ” All the way Jose’ ‘‘ with it as well.
  • During his speech to Child Abuse Summit the Pope made reference to Child Sacrifice & Old Times.
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