MPs to get a payrise to £79,468 from April 1

MPs to get a payrise to £79,468 from April 1

James Williamson
Is this for all the good work they do? Cnuts they don’t even deserve minimum wage.

Logan Smith
so mps salaries see a 14k increase over the last 8 years whereas most of the British public have been on near pay freezes during that time.

and mps refuse to stand down after turning their back on their parties claiming it’s for their constituents….nope – it’s for the money

Dudden Hall
Plus housing allowance, expenses, subsidised bars and organic food in the Commons.

Malcolm Honeyball
Andreas CT Read the Lisbon Treaty,which comes int play in 2020.

Lorimer Johnson
Not too bad £40 a week – I just had £6 obviously their needs are more than mine

Joe Mommer
They should all get a pay cut, bunch of useless twats.

Joseph Suarez
Absolute joke.

Malcolm Honeyball
Well, they must need it.  Apart from a subsidised bar and dining area, expenses, rent, foreign travel etc. they must be near claiming welfare benefits.  I mean how far does £79,468 go nowadays.

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