Government admits failing on apprenticeships

Gordon Marsden MP, Labour’s Shadow HE, FE and Skills Minister, responding to Richard Harrington admitting that the government’s apprenticeship policy is failing, said:

“The government’s handling of the apprenticeship levy has been utterly shambolic from the start.

“A large number of businesses are failing to engage with the government’s flagship apprenticeships and skills policy. It appears that the levy itself is being used simply to rebadge existing training and the Skills Minister can’t even confirm that funding will last beyond July.

Gordon Marsden MP, Labour’s Shadow HE, FE and Skills Minister.

31 January 2017

Target of 3 million apprenticeships and new funding system risk poor value for money

In April 2017, the government is introducing an ‘apprenticeship levy’ (a 0.5% tax on an employer’s paybill above £3 million per year), which is estimated to raise £2.8 billion in 2019–20. At the same time, it is introducing more generous subsidies for employers training apprentices in England. However, government spending on apprenticeships in England is only expected to increase by £640 million between 2016–17 and 2019–20. So most of the revenue raised is being spent elsewhere.

2 January 2018

Firms yet to be convinced Apprenticeship Levy isn’t just another tax

Who is Minister For Business GW?  Well Richard Harrington ToriCon MPWatford of course – that’s who.  Arentya sick of him? Treason May, Bullingdon Boris, ”How I Ruined the NHS ” Jeremy Hunt, etc etc etc.  Arentya sick of ALL of em???  So Sick …. Bleuuuch …… and I’m not even flying …..

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