Cardinal George Pell’s lawyer argues abuse of children was ‘plain vanilla sex’ in plea for lenient sentence

A lawyer representing convicted paedophile Cardinal George Pell has suggested the senior cleric’s abuse of two choirboys was merely a “plain vanilla sexual penetration case” in an appeal for a more lenient sentence.

Pell, a former Vatican treasurer, was found guilty in December of five charges related to the abuse of the 13-year-old boys while he was Archbishop of Melbourne in the 1990s.

GW: It was only ”Vanilla sex with a minor” Your Honour.- What the????? The man was a senior member of the Catholic Church ffs – any thoughts other than about God’s Holy Word & His Work I would have thought – were superfluous & contra legum!  Pell remained ”at liberty” and protected  for a good proportion of his life – the remainder of it should now be spent behind bars!  The rumour has it that Bergoglio has now been removed from the Papal seat & that a Cabinet of Cardinals is in charge as some links between Bergog & ”goings on” in Argentina – where he seems to have had a somewhat meteoric rise  up the church career ladder – have now come to light.  Sara Westall Video Here.  This all happened on the date of Terminalia the 23d of February. The Terminalia was celebrated in Ancient Rome on the last day of the old Roman year & involves sacrifices of various sorts.  Gross.  Bergog has got a lot of dirty laundry down in Argentina it seems.  It’s all tied to the 9th CircleKevin Annett.

Those White Hats eh.  What ARE they like – chipping away at tptwtb’s pyramid.  How much of it is left standing now?

David Isaacson
Bout time.
He has been a joke for too long. Too much of his ideology goes directly against the Bible.

Dale W
The Pope is the Man of Sin.. Thess 2 and the Little horn of Daniel Anti-Christ

Brian Holloway
Video clip that shows pope Francis Will be charged with first degree murder
[ B H why most of the popes will be charged with first degree murder} read the booklet at the back of this clip amazing you can e-mail him or ring him he has nothing to hide. but the Pope has. Kenneth Copeland, Rick Warren, Joyce Meyer, just to name a few have no idea of Prophecy and the reformation. Do you know the Waldenses died by the thousands by this power that Christ will charge them with first degree murder – read the booklet at the back of this you Video clip {B H why most of the popes will be charged with first degree murder} this is happening now.

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