The FBI’s invisible Man

The Epoch Times
Published on 4 Feb 2019

Be prepared to stay employed for a long time, you folks are just getting started…you have a long way to go yet, I share this channel as it’s the best and most professional record on the deep state on the web.

an Rivlin
The plot gets thicker and thicker. The sleaze is astonishing.

Excellent! @Hannity hasn’t even scratched the surface, yet @declassified_ET brings it all forth in precise, accurate, factual form. Good show!

I love the EpochTimes coverage of SpyGate.

I was outraged when I first realized we had an attempted coup going on in this country. Now I think it’s much bigger than that. Think about it……..What in the world is big enough to force so many people in elite positions to risk treason charges? Keep digging, this is much much deeper than anyone imagines.

mr fav
Boolwinkle Moolah was stopped cold on 27 Jul 2017 … the President knows all of this ..

Jenn Bass – > buzzkillean
the world bank, buildaberg group, the UN, Money motivates people, 8 yrs of Obama’s crime spree wasn’t an accident, Hillary was supposed to win, and finish bringing us into the NWO, Trump getting elected sent everyone involved into a panic, a business man, knocks 16 candidates out of the race, every MSM outlet projected false percentage points in Hillary’s favor, to make people think, why vote for Trump when Hillary’s so far ahead, but people spoke when they went into cast their votes, even some liberals and democrats! The shadow government sent every dirty trick to topple President Trump, everything is coming out !

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