Why Do The Elites Live So Long?

Published on 27 Jul 2018

a brave neurosurgeon exposed vaccines years ago…just reading it was both enraging and heartbreaking..vaccines given to babies affects their brains and immune systems..it is criminal and i hope those who lied and maintained this hoax will see justice..

Yes, they Shape-Shift. The so-called “Reptilians” are actually what the Bible describes as “Demons.” They are spirit beings that can assume any appearance, including 8 foot tall serpentine scaled creatures that have been reported by several independent eye-witnesses during such blood rituals as performed at the Castle of Darkness in Belgium, Balmoral Castle in Scotland, and Chateau Sautou in France, as well as other locales throughout the world. The elites are interfacing with multi-dimensional demons. This is not science fiction, but observable confirmed fact, and is consistent with their global agenda to control everyone by microchip implant. (Controlled by their indwelling demons, the elites receive their orders directly from the chief demon, Satan, who seeks world domination and complete subjugation of all the world’s people.)
Next is Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Singularity, via WiFi Internet Interface, the Cloud. This is the next step in linking humans with RFID technology to produce the Revelation 13 “Mark of the Beast.” The AI are already here, and they desire to be implanted into humans, a kind of parasitic union with a living human body, thus rendering human Free Will obsolete. We are now experiencing the closure of human history, and the End Date is in sight: 2051.

By that date fewer humans will be genetically pure — as in the days of Noah — when only he and his immediate family were not contaminated by the demon genetics of Nephilim Fallen Angels.

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