The Momo Character Has VooDoo Connotations & Looks To Be A Product Of A Non-Christian Culture

  • Momo features a creepy woman with dark hair, protruding eyes and a grin
  • The ‘Momo challenge’ is based around WhatsApp and targets young children
  • It has previously been linked to the death of a 12-year-old girl in Argentina
  • One mother has warned the game may have spread to Manchester

The Momo character is based on the creepy character (left) which was originally displayed at Tokyo’s horror Vanilla Gallery under the name ‘Mother Bird’

AngelsSin, London, United Kingdom,
Well this “artist” ripped off Beetlejuice

Bobby Cz, Cambridge, United Kingdom,
The designers and purveyors of this gunk are in serious need of mental investigation. They are sick. Surely we have the IT resources available to root this out?

Lmar233, Manchester, United Kingdom,
Why is a 7 year old using Facebook and WhatsApp? My two children are 8 and 11 and not on any social media! Parents need to take more responsibility!

GW: The Japanese have a liking for fantasy art but this thing goes beyond the pail.

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