HUMANITY vs INSANITY #113 – The ZIONIST Infiltration of UK Politics

Ian R Crane

Israel links to the new ”Independent” group of UK MPs

Geordie 103​
There is a petition on calling for by-elections in the constituencies where the 11 remainers dumped their parties. Please sign and share

Paul Craven​
rotchild bankers dont want brexit

Bring it on, i doubt Tory Bliar would get many votes, but the thought of starting a new party to split JCs vote screams out desperation

Aqua Chiron​
black illuminazi crypto jew aka phoenician /venetian

(((They))) are not even semites.

Kat cancan​
Finchly Road information on McKenzies Devil YouTube channel?? – l will check it out

UK Alert​
immigration has been running at 800 000 – 850 000 every year, including illegal immigration.

Rubin Schmidt​
Richard Armitage & Frank Carluchi were commisioned to restore Aghan drug output for the banks. 🗿💉

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