UK Column News 20 February 2019

Anna Soubry is Leaving to Remain and you are all anti-Semites, even if you didn’t know it. As for Jeremy Hunt, rhymes with…

  • Speech by the Foreign Secretary to the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Berlin.  ”There are moments in history that remind us that we are all part of something greater than ourselves …. As I landed at Tegel Airport this morning I thought of one such moment ….”  Our countries were heading towards war but we were united …. then we overcame the ordeal ….. MR: Is Hunt talking about BREXIT?
  • Britain & Germany cherish the same freedoms ….. GW: But But But Our ”Freedom” to leave the EU – where’s that????
  • MR: Hunt went on to say – ”The future partnership that Britain seeks to build with EU starts with the belief that our security is indivisible.”
  • So with The Treaty of Aachen; 2010 Lancaster House Treaty & 2018 Sandhurst Treaties; Franco British Council; Joint vision Statement, Britain, France & Germany have created a Troika which underpins EU Defence Union.
  • MR: Going back to what Gavin WilliamsDaughter said: ”when we met at NATO earlier this week we agreed that Europeans should not be spending 2% of GDP on defence for America.  We should be spending it on ourselves ...”
  • MR: It’s BREXIT without the EXIT because the politicians are saying ”us”.
  • BG: When did we ever spend money to ”defend America” – it has never happened.  This a smokescreen being built Mike.
  • BG: Lots of talk about ‘‘Entryism” taking over the Conservative Party.  We are facing the situation of ”crashing” out of the EU.  Do they understand what they are actually saying?  The whole thing is about threats & blackmail by foreign companies & so we are just supposed to roll over?
  • MR: This is not true – Nissan & Honda have taken their production back to Japan because  they have done a new trade deal with the EU which means they don’t have to manufacture in EU to sell to EU & so they have decided to move all production back to Japan
  • BBC: MP Joan Ryan quits Labour for Independent Group – citing ”culture of anti-Jewish racism.”  the Enfield North MP said she was ”horrified” ….. by Labour’s failure to tackle anti-semitism ….It’s leadership allowed ‘‘Jews to be abused with impunity”  Ms Ryan is a member of Labour Friends of Israel.
  • Meanwhile T Bliar said:‘Yes I am behind it.  My new Centrist Party is going to take over the whole world.  MNAAAAAH.”
  • BG: Whatever ”they’‘ are building they will have access to huge amounts of money & of course Blair has stayed in the background because he knows he is the kiss of death to any public political activity in the UK.
  • Vanessa Beeley talks about organ extraction by elements in the ME & it is alleged that The White Helmets have been assisting in the process
  • MA: Chicago Climate Charter, explained: What cities say they’ll do to reduce greenhouse gases – This policy is the driving force behind taking policy out of the hands of National Governments & putting it in the hands of local Mayors.
  • DfH&SC: We’re going to harvest & sell your medical data but don’t worry we’re doing it ethically.
  • Ai program used with Ovarian Cancer patients at Imperial College – predicting women who will die from Ovarian Cancer – not necessarily about curing them.
  • CENTRIC: Centre For Excellence In Terrorism Resilience Intel Organised Crime Research ……. ends up with 3D Facial Recognition.  The CENTRIC Board.  BG: Who ARE these people?  I think there is something very nasty being built here.  An Intel Hub lost within a University Mike.  There to ensure our security – ”Hidden in Plain Sight.”
  • 11 February 2019: What is unacceptable offline should be unacceptable online
    Should the web be regulated?
  • The Sun 17 February 2019: SAFER NET SUMMIT Culture Secretary Jeremy Wright will meet with tech giants to discuss new laws on internet safety
  • MR: Jeremy Wright said: ”With power comes responsibility & the time has come for the tech companies to be properly accountable.” Well if you could replace the words ”tech companies” with ”MPs” that statement might also be appropriate.
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