The Danger of Relying Too Heavily On USA

Redgum – Servin’ USA

Published on 6 Feb 2011

GW: This song was penned shortly after the US interfered in Australian Politics & got our democratically elected PM Gough Whitlam sacked by the UK Governor General because Gough was not keen on having US bases on Australian soil.  Gough Whitlam was a qualified lawyer & a QC.

24 October 2014: Gough Whitlam and the CIA’s forgotten coup

The day after his election, Gough Whitlam ordered that his staff should not be “vetted or harassed” by the Australian security organisation, ASIO — then, as now, tied to Anglo-American intelligence.

When his ministers publicly condemned the U.S. bombing of Vietnam as “corrupt and barbaric”, Frank Snepp, a CIA station officer in Saigon at the time said:

“We were told the Australians might as well be regarded as North Vietnamese collaborators.”

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