Ireland is a nation of debt slaves – iv

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U.K. hm treasury sends 10 billion per year to keep Ireland out of debt

Venetian Genoesewarmachine

  • But bank of “England” equity was 100% privately owned from 1696 to 1942
  • Now hm treasury has been given 25% equity. Happened after ww2.
  • But the remaining 75% is private equity very secret who owns it

Venetian Genoesewarmachine
You’re very very warm

Alan Tracy
Venetian Genoesewarmachine
I think you’re red hot I mean roth hot

Alan Tracy Rothbauer are wealthy managers only late 1700s onwards. The private banks the big corps the war machine corps the world geo strategic corps. All bought up by relatively few elite bloodlines. Quite old it seems – Britain Ireland all actually deeply intervoven with it. It’s holy land for some elite factions and there is not only one elite group at work in the worldthe spiritual texts have truth. Religion is more predetermined conditioning but on one level people are just carnal animals don’t be surprised ! Occult elite groups admire the awake. If a satanist is a real satanist they can feel powerful resistance it’s beyond them too. There’s a reason the truth is materialising for millions of people.

The Brexit Song by Peter Parsons

bo ptah
Wow. they are also waking up in Ireland. Amazing. Maybe you lot need to help the British in defeating the EU, Instead of supporting that hopeless poofter.. Varadkar.

no Bo we don’t support him, we didn’t vote him into office, his party members did – from what i see no one wants the anti Irish fraud in there – ‘our’ media is privately owned and the national media is corrupt and merely propaganda and not delivering the public opinion but manipulating it – so we basically have zero in terms of a voice, and yes you’re correct we should be supporting you as you should have supported us when attacked by germany/france (which your government did in some regards due to the export trade that was under treat, but not the public, you just did the usual arrogant finger pointing which was disappointing)

bo ptah
@MsJony1234 And so. We both have in common traitors at the level of government . establishment and media. No surprise there then. . We are all ‘yellow vests’ now.

@bo ptah that we are, i believe the majority and silent public will rise up (take the public support for striking nurses even when the ‘media’ tried to manipulate the discourse against the nurses), it will be fast and enormous, unfortunately i think the timing will be off.

Johan Hauptmann
Thank you so much for the video.. I live in Denmark and i am half irish.. I am also a member of Mads Palsvig’s political party called JFK.. I will share this video on Facebook..

Helen Geddes
Light I AM Light I AM Light I AM I AM I AM, Light I command, Light I demand, Light expand, expand & expand – Let there be Light in Ireland and all nations fighting the anti-Christ to our economy!

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