Conservative MP Daniel Kawczynski confronted in live TV interview about false Second World War claim: ‘I was promised you wouldn’t raise that’

A Conservative MP has been confronted during a live television interview about a false claim he made over US aid after the Second World War.

During an often excruciating interrogation by Sky News’ Adam Boulton, Daniel Kawczynski repeatedly refused to directly admit his much-ridiculed Marshall Plan Twitter post was wrong – even suggesting character restrictions on the platform made it “very difficult for MPs to get everything across”.

He is pathetic – why can’t he grow a pair, admit he got it completely wrong and needs to rebuild his political philosophy from the ground up taking into account, you know, facts…?

dewin cymraeg
How pathetic! Tories are desperate to find excuses for the UK economy lagging Germany’s. The answer is simple: the Germans have better schooling and are more prepared to work for a living and not get into debt. The Tories, meanwhile, have spent decades tinkering with education (and going in circles), ruining British industry and encouraging personal debt to boost the economy (which can obviously only bring short-term gains and long-term harm). Just pathetic!

Tory liar caught out trying to make a TV Journalist complicit in his lies ! What a hard necked ba—d this guy is !  To his credit Adam Boulton let him ’hang’ himself ! Well done
However too many TV reporters, sold out years ago, and let these things happen all the time ! That’s why people in general don’t trust them !

This fool needs to learn some history. Winning the Battle of Britain was a superb achievement. Before it, we had Dunkirk (which, while remarkable, was necessitated by an overblown sense of British military might in sending the BEF in unprepared).
After it, we had the Invasion of Europe, which could not have happened without the USA and others.
That’s before we mention the Russian sacrifices.

Kawczynski, Patel, Raab, Kwarteng, Baverman, Badenoch,
They have several things in common, they are all first generation’ English’ they are all very right wing Tory MP’s and they are all trying so terribly terribly hard to be ’really’ English.  
Pity they couldn’t have just learned their way about a little first and let their grandchildren become politicians.

GW: ToriCon Giant MP Daniel Kaczynski caught telling Tall Tales about the Marshall Plan.

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