Westmonster Loves Squandering Tax-Payers’ Money – Part ii


watchthewaste, Nr. Preston, United Kingdom, 
I believe the vast majority of the UK feel that HS2 is another Westminster white elephant. Isn’t it amazing those buffoons in Westminster love to squander taxpayers’ money on stupid and wasteful projects like this plus Overseas Aid; aircraft carriers with no planes; House of Lords; immigrant benefits; quangos etc etc while critical services see cuts and reductions like Police, Social Care, Prisons, NHS. Is there ANYONE in Westminster capable of doing joined up thinking???? or are we lumbered with these fools?

Capt Mainwaring, Warmington on Sea, United Kingdom,
They couldn’t manage a corner shop never mind anything this big.

vrd291247, london, United Kingdom,
So what about OUR money already spent by these idiots, enough probably to build three hospitals or employ loads of nurses, or maybe just to line their own pockets

payner, gloucester, United Kingdom,
” Heads should Roll”, how disgustingly easy it is to waste TAX PAYERS’ MONEY.

mac44, barton under needwood,
60 billion on what if it is allowed to be finished the final cost going on other schemes in the past which cost taxpayers double /treble the original estimates it will be over 100 billion meanwhile train passengers who pay out thousands of pounds per year to get to work are herded like cattle and the bosses still pick up their bonus year on year

loonylin, Hambledon Godalming, United Kingdom,
Apparently this was lord Adonis’s idea. What a surprise he’s on the board of the company now

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