Dennis Anderson’s ‘throat was slit’ in row over cigarettes in upmarket London suburb as friends say he ‘doted on his young daughter’

A ‘family man’ who was stabbed to death in south London in a reported row over cigarettes ‘didn’t have a bad bone in his body’, friends have said.

Dennis Anderson, 39, died in East Dulwich in the early hours of Sunday morning when he was reportedly confronted in a corner shop.

His friends have said Mr Anderson was a painter-decorator who was devoted to his teenage daughter and had never even been in a fight before.

Richard, Deep England, United Kingdom,
Absolutely breaks my heart to see a loving father being slain like this. I do question police priorities, the knife crime epidemic started a few years ago and they don’t seem to be doing anything about it.  GW: Police just arrested another person from Hertfordshire for a ”hate crime” on Twitter.

Chris, Glasgow,
The silence from Downing Street is deafening.

Boxer No 1, London, United Kingdom,
There’s no way the killer has a clean record…when he is caught it will turn out that he has a record as long as your arm of lenient to non existent sentences for a multitude of violent crimes. Sack the judges and sort out the correlation between crime and punishment.

NedKelly, Blackwood, United Kingdom,
Meanwhile Mayor Khan is just trying to thwart Brexit

Fen Tiger, The Fens, United Kingdom,
So sad and RIP Dennis and hope and pray the culprit is caught and put in prison for life. Unfortunately the knife crime in London escalating but when you see Khan in charge and Cressida Dick in her position it does not bode well to solve crimes in London. GW: Exactly what UK Column was saying earlier.

Richmac23, Northampton, United Kingdom,
Dennis worked for my family’s business for the past 7years and worked in my team, I can honestly say that everything his friends are saying is true. He hated confrontation, wouldn’t say boo to a goose and spent his life working all the hours he could get in order to spoil the love of his life (his little girl). There aren’t many men left who can be called true gentleman but Dennis was one of them and has left a huge impact on the people he worked with in our company. His life was dedicated to his wife and daughter and everything else came second. He made me laugh everyday and really meant something special to his work mates. We will all miss you Den, RIP brother.

quark1, south of england, United Kingdom,
First 2018 and now 2019 continuing the terrible toll of violence in our capital city. The ‘value’ of a cigarette demonstrated in appalling fashion. Isn’t it about time le petit khan stood up to the plate and showed some proper leadership? This dreadful legacy written in the blood of the citizens of London will forever be seen as his legacy to the city which entrusted its stewardship – the trust has been betrayed again and again with every drop of spilled blood. My sincere condolences to the family and friends of this man – may he RIP.  GW: Sadiq Khan has taken the Deep State Globalist Shilling & so it’s his job to preside over the chaos – not fix it.

Smythe-William, Tarragona, Spain,
No police presence on the streets, and meanwhile the government is threatening China… GW: You mean Gavin WilliamsDaughter? Don’t worry he makes sure he is well protected.

GW: A family is missing a Dad right now & his workmates are horrified – the perp is just concerned about free cigarettes – what kind of individual is that who would do such a mindless thing?  R.I.P. Mr Anderson.

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