Why The State Of The Union Was A Trump Triumph! Dick Morris TV: Lunch ALERT!

Published on 6 Feb 2019

Message Sent To [DS] & Anons During The SOTU, Patriots In Control – Episode 1785b

Published on 6 Feb 2019

Jenn Has
I saw a lot signals with Nancy. She looked confused like Trump gave her the wrong speech

Judith Doolittle
She was using the papers as a pacifier. Nancy would have rather been anywhere else than there.

Dean Backer
I heard somewhere that’s exactly what President Trump did, that’s why she kept looking through the speech papers.

Moon Godess
To me Nancy looked alternately like she wanted to leap over the desk and kill him, run out of the room, or hide beneath the desk. With all that chewing I wonder if she has any cheek left in her mouth. It was obvious from the start the Democrats were only supposed to react to things as she did like a game of follow the leader. Trump even called them out on it much to my delight! By all of them wearing white like that they wear very easy to spot and now everyone can see exactly how much the Democrats care about them and the future of this country. The canary died tonight for the Democratic Party.

Nancy Pelosi’s Jewellery (Septre of Caesar) Gives Hidden Message to Deep State
6 February 2019

zutah011 @American Intelligence Media
All the Democrats dressed in white were wearing ”that pin.” They’re all nut jobs though so it really doesn’t matter what she or the other far left loons do or say they have no power or importance yet they dress and talk like they’re important. They’re nothing but common criminals holding on to positions no-one has a clue how they are still holding to begin with. These people are traitors of the worst kind at this point I just want to see arrests made for sedition and treason.  GW: They weren’t all wearing ”that pin” but all had some kind of lapel badge on.  One would need to take a closer look.

Michael Weston
What grabbed me most about the entire thing, was how all these women in dressed in white, LEPT to their feet to celebrate themselves, as if they just found the cure for cancer, while selfishly sitting on their hands, regarding most everything and everyone else... If Republicans so much as wore a white carnation on their lapel, they would be tarred and feathered by the left as White Supremacists, and destroyed by default, HYPOCRISY ABOUNDS !

Susie Hankins
They all looked like over fed kitchen staff at
Some catering hall🐴🤭💩

Bombard’s Body Language: State Of The Union SOTU 2019
Body Language Ghost
Published on 6 Feb 2019

KazSTATE OF UNION Full Speech February 5th 2019

Mary kai @Kaz
Trump was hired (some say by the Vatican) to preside over the bankruptcy restructuring of usa corporation (or however they are spelling it this week). .

GW: In one picture Pelosi is holding up a page with BOOM on the back of it. Maybe she wasn’t aware of the camera angle.

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