World Renown Heart Surgeon Speaks Out On What Really Causes Heart Disease

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I’m from Britain and doctors here are still living in the past. My doctor said you must go on statins because your cholesterol is 9, I agreed because he seemed like he knew however I didn’t take them and I’d been looking at the new Atkins Diet which has been tweaked now so a few more carbs are permitted. A lot now know this as just low carb diet. The doctor asked me to go back to see the nurse for a check up after three months. My cholesterol had gone down to 4.5 and diabetes sugar levels went down to 4.7 from 7 and other blood fats had also lowered significantly. I had never felt better. The nurse was so pleased and her comment was “the statins have done wonders”, when I told the real reason was my low carb diet she was dumb founded and asked how I knew it would work. The Doctor and the nurse were so ignorant to the knowledge I had gathered from just the web it left me worried about their knowledge on any medical issues. Just to say if anyone is interested my diet consisted of quite a lot of fat and protein, no more than twenty grams of veg, or tomatoes with bacon eggs. And definitely no bread apart from a little I made from cauliflower.

Val O’Brien
VITAMIN. C. is the answer to Cardiovascular “disease”. If you take 500,mg a day you will see a difference. Drink 8 glasses of water a day, eat greens, broccoli, spinach, celery, and every second day crush one garlic clove and fresh ginger and pour hot water to marinate, drink some and drinlk that mixture last for only two days. Then make fresh and so forth. Take lemon juice and honey. a few times a week. Make sure you are getting a good all-round supply of the B group vitamins. Cut out as much bread as you can, pasta and cakes. Do not use oil, to cook with, cut out margarine but spread butter meanly on your toast. Eat as much raw foods as you can. Do not use Corn oil as it causes Cancer. I have made progress by having more Vitamin C, Magnesium and Hawthorn. You can get hawthorn tablets at health stores.such as Holland and Barrett, or Wild Oats in Clifton if you live in Bristol.

I was diagnosed with Arrhythmia, Right Ventricular failure and hypertension, after a Cardiac Arrest which fortunately had occured in the Paramedic ambulance or I would be dead. However the CPR I was given damaged my heart and fractured ribs and prior to this event I had robust health – or so I thought! Someone gave me a CD all about Vitamin C and how we are told to take only 25 mg per day but we actually we need double that amount. In fact the Pharmaceutical industry want to keep people in the Dark Ages about this issue because they want us relying upon their fake cures so they can keep reaping the financial benefits. Do look into this.

It was known 25 years ago that inflammation of the arterial wall was the real culprit in coronary heart disease. And we also know now that the only cholesterol that presents any danger is oxidized cholesterol. And what promotes oxidation? Well, for one STATIN DRUGS DO! They reduce antioxidant CoQ10 levels for one.. So now the statin inserts recommend supplementing with CoQ10! The only trials showing a benefit of statins was for people with LOW cholesterol but this has been ignored for decades. So, it truly appears than not only the recommended diet, but the drugs themselves are promoting heart disease. It is a win win win for Big Pharma, health insurance, population control and processed food manufacture.

Michael Meyers
As an anesthesiologist, I never met a single heart surgeon that I thought wasn’t a sadistic psychopath. I met one or two who were incredibly competent but absolutely rude and blunt in their interpersonal interactions. They left people, including patients, feeling like they were not valued.
I give this man the benefit of the doubt because he quit being a surgeon.
His medical advice is consistent with my reading ,education and thoughts over the past few years.

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