For the latest updates on the Gilets Jaunes see Vincent Lapierre @Le Média Pour Tous

  • Le Média Pour Tous – Officiel
  • ”British Yellow Vest Protesters’‘ Swarm On London & Sheffield
  • It is being hosted by the ”Peoples Assembly” and is linked to the Anti-Austerity Movement.  The word ‘‘Peoples” has now been co-opted & moved across to be used by Remainers campaigning for a ”Peoples Vote” on Brexit.  The word ”Peoples” has thus become degraded & it’s looking more & more likely that PA has been turned into ”controlled opposition.”
  • National Organiser was Ramona McCartney – A couple of Gilets Jaunes travelled from Normandy to join the protest.
  • The British YVs seem to be wanting lots of ”Revolution” with lots of Blood & some Class War
  • The French Gilets Jaunes on the other hand, have said quite clearly they are Pacifist & that they have a clear set of demands for the Electorate to see & read including the demand that Macron resign & that they have democratic referenda on such things as whether Vaccines should be mandatory or not.   The French Gilets Jaunes also have Vincent Lapierre getting in amongst the crowd & getting the proper story out.
  • Unfortunately the British Yellow Vests , such as they are, have a bit of a way to go to catch up with the French Gilets Jaunes.
  • Maybe the French privately wouldn’t mind a bit of Revolution & Class War but they are not as Cavalier as the Brits about saying it to the media.  Rather they have used their opportunities to get real issues out in the open.  The French Gilets Jaunes certainly tell the MSM where to go & openly call them out as liars & truth manipulators.  However other GJs then say but the press can’t do anything else.  There’s a lot of reasoned argument from many of their different representatives – have yet to hear anything like this from the British YVs.
  • They have published after all – the manifest is on the Peoples Assembly Website.
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