What’s Next For Philanthropy & Foundations Etc

Amazing Polly
Published on 29 Dec 2018

Part 1: The New Face of Philanthropy is Censorship.
In this video I look at “survival anxiety” as a tool of the social engineers. I talk about deplatforming from pay*pa*, P@tre0n, and how M@sterc@card is behind it all. I also show how Corporate foundations suck the lifeblood from the countries in which they are created by siphoning off wealth from the host countries and using it offshore for their own gain.

I am glad you are on this Polly! The Patreon/Pay Pal/MC/Stripe collaboration vs Sargon of Akkad is a major toward is a step in the direction of social credit scoring —when the credit card companies are getting involved with speech and thought police and can take down individual and influence others, truly how far are we from these companies creating a version of China’s social scoring credit system? These firms need to be investigated, regulated, and broken up. I can’t wait to see what type of free speech platform JBP comes up with

journalistethics dotcom
This is a great presentation Polly, because I don’t recall anyone covering this all-important illegal activity as a special presentation. Many presenters make this point in passing on their videos. This is a sneaky way of subverting the First Amendment. Right now, I think POTUS 45 has higher priorities such as GITMO trials, chem trails, China, California fires etc. When things are more stabilized, I hope to see a coordinated submission to the Attorney General from people like Polly claiming backdated funding from Google. Google is in effect a stealth public utility, because it has claimed massive funding and support from tax payer funded entities.

Foundations are evil! It would figure though when you look at all of the people that have foundations (Clinton’s, Trudeau and nearly every globalist company). What blows my mind are the sheer number of these things. I was looking on line and apparently, there are over 1.5 million NGOs, Foundations etc in the US and close to 200,000 in Canada. Can’t wait for part two.

vermilion freeman
It’s also a masonic thing. Philanthropist by day, child rapist by night.
Duality and whatnot…

Polly, go look up Quantum Financial System. The Elite are planning on stealing the wealth.

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