Video of Dick Cheney Passing a Note to VP Pence at the Bush Sr FUNERAL (GreatAwakening)

If anyone doubted where Pence’s loyalties lie, this short video spells it all out. Remember Pence was forced upon Trump by the deep state RINOS at the GOP convention in 2016, BECAUSE the deep state KNEW Pence was a Deep State Team Player. Pence was supposed to be our President by now. But 22 assassination attempts later, Trump is still our President!

Part III [Q]-H.R.C. & Pence Exchange “Note”; Hussein-Obama receive ‘🎁’ as Well(!)

Reality NotFiction
Published on 17 Dec 2018


Here is an older video from beginning of October 2018 where Pence gets a note from a Sheriff of Alabama (who is under investigation for misappropriation of funds, embezzlement), WHERE Trump WAS scheduled to hold a campaign rally later in October, but FORTUNATELY that rally got cancelled!

Anyway, you see Pence and this Female Sheriff palming notes to each other and each pocketing their notes after their masonic handshake. It’s clear she does not want to shake POTUS’s hand, ONLY Pence’s.

So glad Trump Team cancelled that rally in Alabama….and I hope this Sheriff is in jail by now.

Anyway, in case you missed it, here it is:

From one camera angle:

Revised 3 days ago
This is like watching Game of Thrones.
Trump should have sent The Hound and Arya Stark in his and Melania’s place.

GodsAngell  3 days ago
Q: These people are stupid.

Notice how relieved and relaxed and happy they were after Pence got the notes from them? They were nervous and anxious about having the opportunity to get this task completed. So they took the first opportunity, in case there were no other chances later without being conspicuous about it.

Sandra Adams
Pence is the Insurance they were talking about in their emails.

Cheryl Mallon-Bond
OMG‼️Where do I even begin! Ok, so the biggest “red flag”, is Hillary, & then Bill, not only greeting Vice President Pence & his wife, but literally stood up, smiled, & engaged them as “old friends!”, Hmm, mY e they go to the same “church”, err, the CHURCH OF SATAN!!!! I have NEVER trusted Pence!, right from the beginning, my hair stood on end about him! I did t k ow exactly what it was, but my deep intuition said there was definitely something “off”, same thing w/ Jared Kushner!

Remember when that article came out in the NY Times about a high level insider working to disrupt the Trump administration from the “inside”....first I thought it was a futal attempt by the soon-to-be “naturally dead”, “No-Name”, however, now, after seeing this video, I seriously think it was Pence! These TARDS!!! don’t even realize how STUPID & TRANSPARENCE that they ARE!!! ALL of that footage & body language speaks VOLUMES!!!! TIC-TOK M.F.’S!!!! YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED! I seriously wish that we could see these TRAITOR’S executions LIVE! for all of us to see! Anyone see the complete BLACKNESS in the eyes & soul of Cheney!? That “man” is as EVIL as EVIL gets!!!! ALL of these Cabal Satanist Pedophiles, NEED to be apprehended, like yesterday!!!!!

Trisha Webster
I think its a USB stick with Trump’s Agenda on. I think Bill hands it to Mandy not Pence – BUT the BIGGEST TELL of ALL is the ‘delight’ on their faces, they are totally GREAT FRIENDS! You have put the nail in the coffin for me. I was always defending Pence ‘until evidence to prove otherwise’ THIS IS THAT EVIDENCE! Plus the video of Pence sitting in the ‘negotiations’ with Trump, Pelosi and Schummer – He was not there at all, I think he knows hes been rumbled! Lord God protect President Trump from this snake, and PLEASE expose every single one of them before anything can go wrong. I hope Trump has marked the info that he has on the USB stick and knows EXACTLY who passed it on! – ALSO want to know who they were acknowledging with a wave and salute!

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