Message From Mt Warning: Obama & Hillary Arrested? 25/12/18

Tim Emslie
Published on 27 Dec 2018

Many high profile names are being given to me as a list of arrested since Christmas Day. If you check out their media accounts they are not posting, accounts closed down or have old Christmas posts from years before.

Richie B
Hey Tim! Happy New Year! What a gift for the world if Killary and Obomber really did get arrested! All the best!

Clooney is a NWO activist. Loud and proud. Also he puts loads of money into their schemes. He needs to go. Toxic.

Mary McLean
Q said a year ago that it “will be swift, quiet, clean and final”...Your explanation is spot on!

daughter of patriots
Another clue – Obama &.HRC posted old photos on Twitter for their Christmas greetings.

Joan Burroughs
Spacey is on the District Court of Nevada indictment list for the 9 11 conspiracy. Along with Killary, Brennan, Cheney, Ovomit, both Bushs, McCain, Kerry, and a lot others

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