Gateway To Hell At Nyalam Tibet?

Roger inKC
Published on 28 Dec 2018

Nyalam, Tibet. You won’t believe your eyes! Giants, Space Ships and Mountain Fortresses are discussed in this special presentation…

Celita Cantrill
I’ve heard that some of the Buddhist monks protect the vril’s entrance to their subterranean nests. Always a pleasure Roger and be safe, takecare. Celt C

matlock Soap
I love Roger’s videos. Happy Holiday Roger. Many blessings, love, peace and protection to you and your family.

Mark Anthony
You know…..your last video of our buddies, i made the claim it was SUPERULTRA CRISP AND CLEAR and all like that….i may have to pass the trophy to THIS’s SUPERULTRA- TURBORICULAR OUT THE CRISPTACULAR!!!…..EXCELLENT in ALL categories…..weirdness……location….giant buddies and their carvings….their rides…and now their ability to selectively tune their frequency beyond our range to detect!!!….and delivered with your penchant of matter of fact, slapstick humor!!!! highlighted with your, also custom, genuine soul politeness….Perfect!!……

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