Whether Corbs mouthed ”Stupid Woman” at Treason May or not doesn’t really matter – She needed to hear the truth

Stupid Woman?

Yes because it wears a chain round its neck & the colour of the EU for a dress. Cringe!  

Furthermore it starts a row about sexism when there are many more important things to worry about right now.  If the kitchen is too hot for you Treason – then leave.

It has its ”Rock” to cling on to so we keep being told.  So surely it has plenty of confidence & can just let stuff roll off it’s back like water off a duck.  If this is not the case – What a weak character.


If it walks like a duck; quacks like a duck then it’s a Duck!
She is a very stupid woman.
He is a stupid man.
They have MPs in all parties that are stupid children (in adult bodies).

Pacman_, Islamabad , Pakistan, @ Daily Mail
What’s the insulting matter, the stupid or the woman?

MattJR, Manchester, United Kingdom,
I don’t care……DELIVER BREXIT!

northernwarrior, thenorth, United Kingdom,
Another ridiculous sideshow from our pathetic parliament. Its hardly insult of the century and nothing that’s not been said a million times before. But shes a women so must not even be spoken to or disagreed with. Weak and embarrassing.

GW: There’s a surprise in your Christmas stocking – it’s NOT a woman.

RS W, Worcester, United Kingdom,
Who cares? We have got foodbanks and stabbings and redundancies. That is priority. Bunch of clowns.

Watch -Pray -Sing, Kent, United Kingdom,
Stop all the cra*……..Get on With the NO deal BreXit please…..( utube : David Noakes interview 2010 – We’ve been conned for far too long)

TheOutlaw, JosieFromWales, United Kingdom,
Four king arts hole would be more apt.

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