UK Column News – 19th December 2018

  • ”Our adversaries are using a wide range of non- military methods to target UK interests. Defence is working ever more closely with our intelligence agencies and the National Crime Agency to deter and disrupt hostile state activity, and to deal with threats posed by organised crime.  At home and overseas, we support the Home Of ce in delivering the Government’s counter- terrorism strategy, CONTEST. We provide specialist manpower to help deal with domestic contingencies, from ooding and severe weather to chemical weapons attacks.”
  • It will integrate & orchestrate our strategic capabilities within our Armed Forces, across Government & with our ”Allies.”
  • BG: There’s a lot of cloaked language which at first looks like rubbish but we need to take a closer look at it.  What is the Agenda?
  • MR: This is something we should have been doing anyway.  We shouldn’t need a policy document.  What I think is that they are doing is running a massive re-organization behind the scenes & this document is an attempt to justify it.  
  • MR: Reorganising things & blurring the lines so that it will be difficult to see who is making the decisions.  Why are we doing this?  To align with the EU One Point CMD & Kontrol from Brussels.
  • BG: We are seeing links through Think Tanks back to the IMC. Those who make money out of war & death are being brought into Central Government to form Policy.  Treason May said recently she is forming 5 Business Councils to bring the Corporate Sector right alongside Government to make Policy.
  • MR: This integration has been going on for some time.
  • 11 October 2016: More than 150 councils join the One Public Estate Programme
  • 6 August 2014: The One Public Estate programme uses land and property released by government to boost economic growth and regeneration. Cabinet Office and the Local Government Association (LGA) run the programme …
  • Ben Gummer in 2011.

    Ben Gummer: ”My team are working closely with government departments to ensure that One Public Estate is working to deliver government priorities such as Health & Social Care integration & rationalisation of the defence estate.”

  • GW: Gummer’s – son of Welwyn – been an MP since forever – another dynastic career political Wazzok!
  • Oliver Bowden: ”Transforming the government estate & saving taxpayers money is something to be proud of.”

  • GW: I remember you-hoo.  You’re the one who sold off all our assets we paid for in the first place with the lie that you were ”saving us money”  Apologies Frank Ifield
  • BG: In strategic Defence terms this is nonsense as the more you bring things in together the greater chance of being wiped out in one go.  In defence things are dispersed deliberately to make them more difficult to find.
  • Peter Watkins

    BG: Thanks to the viewer for sending in this letter from the EURO Atlantic Security Policy Unit & unsigned – so sent by an anonymous Wonk.

  • BG: Who’s behind this EURO Atlantic Unit?  We found one Gavin Williamson; Giles Ahern Head of MOD/FCO Joint Unit on Euro Atlantic Security Policy; Peter Watkins Director General Strategy & International MOD; & Simon Jones from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office is the Deputy Head of EURO Atlantic Security Unit.
  • Giles Ahern was embedded in NATO but is now at EURO Atlantic Unit.
  • Giles Ahern is sitting in the middle of the panel.
  • Guardian: Jess Phillips Labour MP accuses Tori party of putting political power ahead of ‘protecting victims of sexual abuse’ & Treason May of lying
  • GW: So Treason May the ”Feminist” protects Misogynists.  How does it square that I wonder – more Cognitive Dissonance?
  • Bloomberg: Stock Selloff Defies Everything Bulls Hoped Would Stop It
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