Treason May’s BREXIT Betrayal – Part vi

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Mark Collett
14 December 2018

They say in the event of a nuclear war, the only thing to survive is the cock roaches.
Which means the UK will still have a functioning government.

martin corderoy
It has just occured to me what May and her supporters remind me of. She hasn’t realised how much the E.U dislikes and despises Britain. It is like someone at a party whom nobody particularly wants there so finds himself ignored. Now anyone with any pride or dignity would realise this and quietly slip away. But some (Like May) would keep going up to other partygoers and keep trying to talk to them and ingratiate themselves, and not even realise the others are sneering or laughing at him – No dignity some people

tls TR
They did the same bullish!t in Greece.
Actually Greek politicians are too bored to read all that and so they follow the party leader’s decision.
Actually if someone tries not to get in line & do what he have to do and try to refuse a party leader’s line he’s kicked out of the party.
So no-one tries that.
So EU tried to do that in Britain too.
I wish and hope that you will not have the Greek destiny

John Jackson
May hasn’t even started screwing us over yet.

  • The pound will be abolished,
  • We’ll get dragged into the European army and be forced to send our young adults to EU boot camp,
  • She’ll sign up to the UN migration pact and throw the English borders wide open. Thousands of Muslims will pour in and start treating the UK like an 18-30 holiday with all the girls they can chase down.
  • And because of all the cheap labour, wages will plummet.

Gena Clarke
Guys, Treason May sold white South Africans out by stating that ”I agree with expropriation of land, if it is done in a legal and democratic way.”
1) The ANC have since changed the constitution to make it legal.
2) The ANC is a Communist Party with a Democratic face. Read their manifesto, you will see.
3) If we lived in a Democratic country, as we pretend we do, then the mass population vote, in which 70% of the country voted to not change the constitution, would have stood but the ANC government changed it anyway.

tompo1975 (edited)
Marx; Mao; May; Merkel; Macron; Stalin; Lenin; A.H.; Juncker; Spinelli; Timmermans – all leftist are cancer.
But what did you expect from a globalist woman who voted to STAY? What could go wrong?

How it is possible that it took TWO years to find out you have an anti-Brexit parliament, an anti-Brexit prime minister?  Ignoring your own people at large?  This is political contempt on the voters, who are collectively always smarter than the WHOLE parliament all together….

  • Just out the keys on Tusk’s desk; head for the train to London. HOW difficult can this be?
  • You will NEVER “GET” a reasonable deal with the devil…….
  • At the moment you arrive in London Great Britain is actually “liberated”, a great feeling.
  • From then on YOU, and you ALONE decide how, when, what goods, persons and commercial services, are entering your country.
  • YOU keep the border with Ireland open as open as can be BUT for Irish passportholders only.
  • YOU decide everyting then……and all is under British law ONLY.
    How difficult can it be?
    I could do this today, and give the British people the BEST Christmas gift ever, since 1945….
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