TM BREXIT Betrayal – Part iv

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Mark Collett
14 December 2018

Gabriel Swift
I have started to stock up on essentials and bought yellow vests. I refuse to be ruled by those multi millionaire parasites sat in government and those unelected corrupt bureaucrats sat in Brussels any longer. Deliver Brexit or do we have to follow our French cousins and bring this country to a stand still? I will not ask again. WTO…. Sometimes you have to FIGHT!

get the lorry drivers on side, they could grind the country to a standstill within 24 hours…

GW: Dial back to the 2000 Fuel Dispute when Bliar was PM.  That nearly brought him down.

  • ThisIsMoney 16 September 2000: Blair loses votes on fuel fiasco – Evidence that the fuel crisis has severely damaged Tony Blair’s Government emerges in a Daily Mail poll today. Three-quarters of those questioned lay the blame on ministers rather than the truckers. Eight out of ten believe Mr Blair handled the dispute badly while only 3% back him.

It’s not over yet
Just ordered my yellow vest 😉

fin rambo
Lord Monkton was talking about withholding taxes from the government, that if enough people signed up to it it could bring down the government. Don’t know how it would work in practice. Every time I eat a bacon sandwich the government takes a bite!

Rory Lion (edited)
She is a traitor to the British people and like Blair should be treated as such. She will be remembered as the worst PM this country has ever had. She was a failure as Home Secretary and she is a failure as a PM. Please leave MAY…..go…just go before you damage this country irreparably.

Jon Smetana
Theresa May, Merkel, and Macron are the Kalergi Plan in action; all doing what Barbara Lerner Spectre talks about, that is, the long term ((( )))ish plan for Europeans and it’s NOT good. GWBLB has called for the Destruction of Christianity.

Before people start blaming the Irish people you need to realize that our unelected government is completely pro EU and has even less loyalty to us than the UK. It’s just doing what Brussels tells it. Most Irish people realize that we can’t afford a United Ireland let alone police it. Our army has half the strength of British forces based in the north during the troubles.

Will Smit
This stick insect is treacherous, she makes snakes look cuddly. The worst PM to have stepped foot in No.10 and could possibly cause more problems for the UK than Bliar could in 5 life times.

It’s not just her alone though, the whole establishment needs a huge overhaul, it is archaic, it is no longer fit for a modern world where people have information at their fingertips, their lies are now easily exposed, we no longer doff our caps to them, in fact, I wouldn’t employ them to walk my dog, that’s how useless most of them are.

But, whose fault is it for the situation we find ourselves in? Half of the UK are politically thick and the rest of us have ourselves to blame for allowing the charade to go on for so long, for the scum to ignore 17.4 million people is either political suicide or the arrogance of people who know there’s nothing we can do about it.

WE are the remnants of the Huwhite Apocalypse
I’m in the accelerationist camp.. this will burn things down faster and bring native brits to our side.. the establishment are thinking of using farage again to create a new party to lead people into the wilderness, FARAGE IS A SHEEP DOG HE MUST BE IGNORED

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