Treason May’s BREXIT Betrayal – Part v

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Mark Collett
14 December 2018

Broadside john   (edited)
Greetings from a patriot in America. Always enjoy your well thought out videos.
The globalist elites view the working class people with disdain & want them to just go away.
Their constituency is the government bureaucrats and unions, wealthy leftists and poor (lower class) & 3rd world immigrants with no understanding nor love of the Western or British institutions & traditions.

That’s why Donald Trump, The Great Disruptor, was elected President.

As in the UK, the Marxist/feminist establishment in the US is pulling out all the stops to destroy anyone whom they view as an “enemy.”
Even our once respected FBI is monitoring people’s on-line activity and raiding whistleblowers’ homes.

Those of us who even pay attention support the brave citizens of the UK in their desire for sovereignty of their nation.

Baz Brown  (edited)
She was put in power to do one thing, scuttle Brexit and force a second vote. That’s what she:s best at deceiving the public. Like trying to hide the grooming gang scandal when she was home secretary. Britons have to wake up fast before it’s too late. Also don’t you find it concerning that Savid Javid is set to succeed as PM in 2022?

John Blake
Those who BETRAY the democratic vote of the people, democracy, and the sovereignty of the nation deserve to reap the consequences of this treacherous betrayal in the courts of justice. A very clear and strong case of TREASON. The damage to the public TRUST in the BRITISH political arena will destroy the very foundations of DEMOCRACY at Westminster. The price of BETRAYAL will be great indeed.

GW: Well tell all the career MPs that when the EUSSR Federalises they will become obsolete & will thus all be looking for another job.

Philip Croft (edited)
MAY, is clearly INSANE, and or, EVIL. She deliberately and intentionally, with malice aforethought, conspired with a foreign state and others, to enslave our nation indeffinateley, , by preventing OUR nation, via the legally stated will of the people, to extricate itself from a previous illegal act of entrapment. Thanks to the actions of former P.M Anthony Blair, our last remaining statute, of capital punishment for proven treachery, was removed. The last say and action, in this disgraceful debacle, MUST, and WILL, be in the hands of the electorate, at the next General election, and, all future Elections. THEY MUST PAY FOR THIS. THE TORY PARTY SHOULD BE CONDEMNED TO HISTORY. NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE. U.K.I.P. IS A TRUE PATRIOTIC PARTY, THEY FOUGHT FOR 25 YEARS, TO GIVE US A REFERENDUM, IT’S PAY-UP TIME, TO SHOW OUR GRATITUDE AND TRUST.

Ole Nielsen
This is the face of treason.
How much has Soros paid her, and her banker husband?
Selling England by the pound…

James Potter
We fought 2 world wars to prevent German domination and now Teresa May is seen in Brussels asking the German Chancellor please can we rule ourselves. Did those millions of soldiers and civilians die for nothing. Winston Churchill must be spinning in his grave

  • UN migration charter, the right for the migrant to chose the country, and upon arrival be given the same rights as that countries citizens. More than that – can be given legal aid to challenge anything they find onerous in that country of choice – as they have been given UN citizenship.

Its all about the European Army. PESCO.. – > EU armoured vehicle in Paris recently.

Veronica Edmonds-Brown (edited)
As we have had free movement in Ireland for nearly a century and the only time we have had physical checks was during the ‘troubles’ where it was for security purposes rather than trade. I don’t see where the problem is or why a backstop was ever required. Everything that comes into southern Ireland & into Britain goes through customs, every parcel we receive can be tracked. In addition, we have had two elections & one referendum on this. We are seeing across Europe what is happening when governments don’t listen to the people! These negotiations have either been incompetent or not carried out in good faith with regards to the electorate. Getting fed up of being lied to.

siddle jack
It smells of conspiracy, with May embarking on 2 years of serious hyperbole, the civil service wrote the fiasco, and in colusion with the EU. The EU and May created a problem with NI border, a red herring, but the conspiracy incorporated the Irish border and muddle it to create a problem that did not exist. LAW SAYS NO AGREEMENT THEN IT’S AUTOMATIC THAT THE UK LEAVES PAY ING NOTHING.

soo i heard something about a mace recently that you can take it up and personally duel the queen to death.

  • ”During medieval times, the Royal Serjeants-at-Arms were distinguished by their power of arrest without a warrant. To an increasing extent, their Maces – originally ordinary weapons of war, similar to a club – became their emblems of authority. They were stamped with the Royal Arms; and in an age in which few men could read or write, the Serjeants effected their arrests by showing their Maces and not by producing any form of written warrant.”

Steed EOW (edited)
I expected all of this from day 1; I’d seen how other nations were made to vote again on treaties, or were simply ignored. I knew that the same would happen to us. What is surprising and disheartening though, are the lies and cognitive dissonance of our fellow countrymen. Remainers who essentially claim Brexit could never have been executed well so we shouldn’t have even tried to leave… or that we’re in this mess because of Leave-voters… or that Brexit is the will of the Banking and Corporate world. The truth is exactly contrary to all of these, but try telling ardent Remainers that. They’ve dispensed with all logic, sense and fairplay.

Franken Stein
Great video and commentary Mark. Is May wearing a dog collar in this picture? Sure looks like one to me LOL! I live in the US and believe me, we are watching Britain and Brexit very closely. It’s quite an outrage to us here that the first vote has not counted. We stand with you against the traitors in Britain and the EU, and I know that you all stand with us against the traitors here in the United States. Merry Christmas and God bless you all.

Mandy/Colin fryett
Do you think Putin or Trump would be going over to the EU all the time kissing the EU’s arse I don’t think so she is a weak leader

Lelouch vi Britannia
– > Mandy/Colin fryett. I think Trump would but Putin is boss, he will probably kidnap or kill someone to get the EU to be his bitch

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