Treason May’s Betrayal of BREXIT – The Next Move – Part iii

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Mark Collett
14 December 2018

Kain Reaver
It’s wrong to frame this as the result of ineptitude. This situation is calculated to make Brexit appear utterly hopeless/not achievable, paving the way towards a second referendum. The referendum will inevitably be a binary choice between remain and May’s deal. It’s all a lot more sinister than the government being sh!t.

Leo Bz99
Next Video: How the Tower Of London will host the hanging of these traitors

Of course she betrayed ”brevet” – did anyone ever think otherwise? She’s a globalist reptile.

Brexit is only in a mess because the government hasn’t implemented the wish of the majority. How are they allowed to get away with it?

GW: Yes it could have been very orderly – remember the FLEXCIT Group – Richard North & Colleagues?

Frederick Burger
May, Macron and Merkel the Axis of Evil.

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