David Lammy Attacks Britain (Again) | Compares Brexit With Colonialism & Empire

The Iconoclast
Published on 12 Dec 2018

long-time listener , first-time caller
Your government is being manhandled by the (((bank.))) It Does. Not. Represent. You. Taxation without representation is tyranny.

Dancing Dove
Wow. He’s pretty dreadful at giving speeches.
I’m not saying I’d do any better, but if it’s part of your job… you’d think he could at least engage with his audience, a bit of eye contact there, Lammy, wouldn’t go astray.
Maybe he doesn’t have the mental capacity to keep a sentence in short-term memory long enough to look up!

Adam Phillip
“Corbyn wont let me sit on front bench because i’m black”
Shows pic of Corbyn sitting on front bench next to a black lady lol

Adam Webb
I love the way he hates us wanting our nation back but is perfectly fine with Africa wanting their nations…

You Know
I’m pretty sure it was NATO’s purpose to keep peace in Europe after WW2 not the EU. We can of course argue why WW2 happened and who stopped it but without a doubt it was on the backs of millions of white male corpses.

GW: Lammy has taken the NWO Shilling.  In 2009 Lammy claimed, amongst other amounts for snacks & drinks, 100 UKPDS a year expenses for Jaffa Cakes.  When one earns as much as Lammy does, you’d think he could pay for his own snacks!  Yesterday I happily paid for my colleague’s lunch & I don’t earn nearly as much.  Does Lammy ever give to the homeless one wonders?

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