What Was In The Mystery Envelopes That Hillary, Biden And Pence Received At Bush’s Funeral?

Shocking photographs and video footage from the funeral of George H.W. Bush clearly show some of the top leaders in the entire country receiving mysterious envelopes. And based on the reactions of Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, whatever was in those envelopes did not take long to read and did not contain good news. At first, I thought that the most reasonable explanation was that everyone that attended the funeral must have received one of these envelopes inside their programs, but that was not the case. Video evidence shows that Hillary Clinton received an envelope, but former president Jimmy Carter who was seated directly next to her did not…

The theory that it was just top Democrats that received envelopes was blown out of the water when a picture emerged of an envelope in Karen Pence’s program…

So exactly what are we supposed to make of all this, and why has the mainstream media been completely silent on this issue?

Perhaps it is possible that there was nothing noteworthy about these envelopes, but the faces of Joe Biden and his wife after receiving their envelope suggests otherwise…

If any of you find other evidence of these envelopes at George H.W. Bush’s funeral, please contact me and let me know.

It appears that something strange was going on, and the American people deserve an explanation…

Michael Snyder


McAllisterTV Link

Don Cummings
If he gave her a mint I’m sure it was a Urinal Mint for Big Mike Robinson with the magical dancing trouser trout.

Don Cummings
Don’t forget Laura Silsby being caught at the Haiti border with 30 children and arrested…the Clintons pulled the big strings to get her freed and now she works for Amber Alert…go figure...I feel for the beautiful people of Haiti

Starrell Palmer
Laura got the paper, showed it to Jeb, whose whole demeaner changed.
Laura asked “W” something, to which he replied “yep”.
Laura was seething!
Then “W”s shoulders slumped as if in shame, Laura looked as if she was about to cry.  I did not see the beginning, when “W” walked, but someone who did said that he was escorted in, to service.
Many think that he flipped (thus betraying his brother & his wife, among others).
I have often thought that “W” had more decency than the rest of the family (albeit not much).

GW: MSM completely silent & trying to say that Bush Jr gave Manchelle ”Candy” – Oh come off it – more like a pen drive.  These people are STUPID as Q would say.  What are D5s?  GOOG & China?

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