British yachtswoman is rescued two days after she was stranded when storm upended her yacht and knocked her unconscious 2,000 miles from Cape Horn

Susie Goodall, 29, from Falmouth in Cornwall, ended up stuck 2,000 miles west of Cape Horn, deep in the Southern Ocean, after horrendous weather upended her yacht during the solo Golden Globe Race around the world.

She was finally rescued on Friday by a 38,000 tonne Hong Kong-registered cargo ship, happily tweeting ‘ON THE SHIP!!!’ some two hours after it arrived at her position.

Biz-, Aberdeen, United Kingdom,
Just leaving the boat there then?

gurney slade, canada, United Kingdom,
She had a steering link break during that storm and that is what caused her loss. Not her or her sailing skills

Aubrey Leigh, london,
Pitchpoled, (end over end) and then righted itself.minus the mast.Everything possible would have been battened down so imaging a large air bubble inside . Weight of keel would have brought hull upright as is designed to . All pretty scary stuff.

gurney slade, canada, United Kingdom,
Reading these comments just shows what a rotten can’t do country Britain has become. Susie Goodall is a shining light and example of every thing good about self motivation,courage, talent and teamwork. No wonder Brexit is the fiasco it is, Britain could never survive in the real word any more on its own with the attitude shown here, Susie you are a hero for your times. Tragic that you lost your friend and protector DHL Starlight but she did her best and must have been something special to protect you and get you through that ordeal. You will sail again and one day get your trans global trip completed. Too bad we did not get to see that race for home across the Atlantic but you did incredibly well Lady. 4th headed for 3rd after 157 days at sea. is amazing. Just like you are.

Aubrey Leigh, london,

GW: Kind of agree unfortunately.  Look at the French – they at least are making their views heard – not that I am advocating destructive violence – far from it.  Macron has to go.  The talking head said he might replace the PM.  Nope.  The ”Little French Biscuit” itself is the one that needs to go.  Apparently the State Run Media in France barricaded themselves in & were subsequently booed by the crowd.  Take note BBC.

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