That G H W B Funeral on 5 December 2018

I love The USA (edited)
Did you see George jr hand over a piece of paper to Michelle Obama? George H W was the most evil president we had

These dang gnats
Did you see the envelope fall out of Hillary’s funeral program?
Special Letter For Hillary

Woodrow Wobbles 3.0

Imco99   (edited)
The funeral was a deep state love fest. I was gagging throughout the speeches. GHWB was sent to America by Hitler to begin the takeover of our country. Prescott Bush adopted him. No one knows who his real parents were.

Cecil Chan
George Scherf, the German – Obama was not the only ineligible president of our country.

Dennis Jemison
That DEMON was OFFED Months Ago Kept FROZEN For This DEC 5 Interference Of The Testimony’s!!!!!!!!!! FACT!!! JMHO

looks like george died a week earlier on nov 26 (comey dog benji dead)….did they hold the body in the fridge till this week to throw off the testimonies? Was this already known and allowed to happen so DP blew their big hand? We’ll see….“see something say something”....FF ? Sunspots?

V Gil
So who was powerful enough to force the Trumps to go if they didn’t want to? Don’t say he had to be, “politically correct”, because that doesn’t sound like Mr. T.

I noticed some but not a lot of people lining the streets to watch the hearse go by. The msm tried to blow it off saying DC was usually very calm and jot a lot if traffic or people out. That was a blatant lie. Every time I’ve been there, and with Presidents trump inauguration, the place was packed. America is tired of the clan. Today it showed

I have a personal reason for hating GHWB. He tried to ruin my father back in 1981. I’ve had to hold on to this for 37 yrs. and have never told anyone this but…my dad came from absolutely nothing but worked hard to make something of himself. He fought in WW2 stayed in the Navy reserves and eventually became a mustang admiral (meaning he didn’t go to Naval Academy, he worked his way up the ranks, a HUGE honor). From there he became one of Ronald Reagan’s top advisors. My dad was a very honest man, who loved his country and wanted to give something back to the country which allowed him to become successful. He went to D.C. when Reagan was inaugurated and served as an advisor for one year at the end of which the Dept of Justice came to him and told him that unless he resigned, they would smear his name on every front page newspaper in America and he would be utterly ruined. My dad had built his own public relations business with clients like Anheuser-Busch, Coca-Cola, Goldman Sachs and more. He would have been ruined and his children would have had a disgraced father. He never wanted that for his family so he resigned. This is what George H.W. Bush did to him. I have wondered how many others he did that to? How many peope did he ruin, did he murder, did he rape? We know that in WW2 he abandoned his men and jumped out of the plane to save himself, he was NO war hero.

Bottom line is that my dad had the potential for greatness and could have been in history books as a hero and GHWB took that from him. May he NEVER rest in peace.

I remember looking at the picture of HW standing next to the Book Depository as his buddies blew off JFK’s head. Later that night he & his goombazz celebrated with a party. And of course we all know that LBJ told his girlfriend the day before the shooting, that he would be president tomorrow

Kat Heron
Most videos about GHWB were not favorable and the thumbs down on FOX out numbered the ups by a ways! Americans are waking up, congratulations 🎊🎉🎈

GW: It’s becoming clear that tptwtb use these funerals to do business deals, swap information via various signals and show preference – or otherwise etc.  As for GHWB now being in Heaven playing on a harp – well that’s just complete bulls wool.  He’s in Hell for being a paedophile.  They’re a Weird Mob indeed!

Reptilian Bush Funeral Analysis 1.0 ~ The Gathering

Kinninigan 2.0
Published on 5 Dec 2018

Death of Robin Bush, daughter of George H.W. & Barbara Bush, October 11, 1953 +Aleister Crowley

Gematria Effect News

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