Marrakesh Political Declaration May 2018 – Part ii

SintheT = David Craig

MARRAKESH DECLARATION to be signed December 2018

Maurice Milton – July 16, 2018
Whether you voted REMAIN or LEAVE the European Union there are three EU documents you need to be aware of, that our ‘so called’ ruling (our masters) for some reason do not want the common masses to know about. I wonder why!

The three wise monkeys spring to mind. Hear no Evil – See no Evil – Speak no Evil

Hear no Evil. They must never hear about this until it’s too late.

  • The KALERGI PLAN. Google it
    This is the original plan for Europe, it goes right back to 1926. The brain child of
    Count Richard von Coudenhove Kalergi.

See no Evil. They must be kept in the about this

  • The Bilderberg Group. Google it
    Elitist secret club of likeminded people that meets every year in different countries. An award is given each year to the member who has done the most to advance the plan for Europe.
    You will see a long list of elitists (past and present) who have attended their open meetings.
    However the group that are Bilderburg hold their own secret meetings. It’s fair to say that the other high ranking people are only there to give Bilderburg cover for their real agenda.

Speak no Evil. Political Correctness. Suppressing freedom of speech

  • The Marrakech Declaration May 2018. Google it
    Yes in May this year see what our Brexit Means Brexit Prime Minister signed us up to. Didn’t see it debated in Parliament and voted on.

All MPs; The House of Lords; The BBC News; Papers & everyone else in the loop must know about the EU plans for our future. Why are they all keeping silent about it?

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