FRACKING: Conservative MPs are openly revolting over a controversial policy

4 October 2018

Conservative MPs have been expressing open concern over a key government policy during the party’s conference. And it may be telling of a potential revolt over the controversial issue of fracking.

‘Removing barnacles’

As the Yorkshire Post reported, Conservative MP for North East Derbyshire Lee Rowley issued a stark warning at a conference fringe event this week.

He said that the Conservatives could lose the next general election, and MPs their jobs, unless they drop their support for fracking. Rowley called the issue a “barnacle” that “needs to be removed from the Conservative boat as quickly as possible”.

Rowley reportedly quoted former Conservative election guru Lynton Crosby, saying:

At the moment the lion has not roared on fracking because we have dealt with less than a dozen applications… If we’re to do it at scale, if we’re to achieve whatever objective the government is setting, we will have to have hundreds in Derbyshire.

We cannot go from the level of objections that we have had with one well to hundreds of them and not expect a political impact.

Piling on pressure

A spokesperson for campaign group Frack Free Lancashire said:

It’s telling that increasing dissent on the Conservative backbenches is growing by the week. MPs know and are starting to understand that constituents have serious concerns over fracking and the removal of local democracy.

”conservative-ps-are-openly-revolting” – Yep.

There was arrogance in recent comments from the secretary of state for energy, Claire Perry. She completely misunderstands the level of opposition across the country.

The concerns and pressure will only get louder for the Conservatives.

If these Conservative MPs are anything to go by, May could have a fracking fight on her hands.

Get Involved!

– Write to your MP with your concerns about fracking.

GW: Tptwtb are planning to dump toxic nuclear waste down these wells.

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