The Clinton Crime Corp; Another Dead Body; The Tucson Child Sex Camp: Part ii

Investigative Journalist Found Dead in D.C. Hotel Room Weeks After Reporting Bill Clinton to FBI & DHS for Allegedly Raping Boy

Jenny Moore AKA “Task Force” Martyr for the Truth @JennyHatch

Jenny Hatch
Published on 28 Aug 2018

Thomas Paine, the True Pundit was doxxed by Buzzfeed yesterday. His real name is Michael Moore and he published the fact that Jenny Moore reported Bill Clinton to assorted Federal Agencies for raping a young man.

RedBlowdryer 17 Aug
I’m still waiting on the story of a child sex camp south of Tucson, AZ. It was on land owned by the Clinton Foundation. It was report to law enforcement who didn’t care, until a news channel broke the story. Suddenly Law enforcement was interested and secured the area. information no longer was available after that.

Geneww38 18 Aug
Start WEB search with “Clinton friend Fethullah Gulen, Pocono Mountain, PA” …then “Hillary Middle East contacts (funding Clinton funds) starting ISIS and coup in Turkey” … and “Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base, Hydrogen Nuclear Bombs Surrounded By Citizens, Muslim Troops & Trucks” and “house report Central Command reports skewed Intel on ISIS fight”... media is silent …

Now ask strategists Hillary, Kerry and Obama … How much BRIBE did “Clinton Foundation” receive to place these 50+ Hydrogen Nuclear Bombs, along with aircrafts at risk?” … they are now being shipped to Romania…!!!
TRUMP would never have this mess. And our covert Muslim president keeps importing Muslim Terrorists and Hilary wants an increased rate and more.
Now continue with
“47 deaths of Clinton friends” …or “freedom outpost wsj-journalist-investigating-hillary-clinton-found-dead-months-later-still-no- autopsy” …or “barbells crushing throat of former U.N. Diplomat John Ashe” (day before he was to testify about bribery 6/23/16) …or “DNC staffers, Seth Rich, Sean Lucas and Molly Macauley worked on exposing recent election fraud during the Democratic primaries were all found murdered” …summarized … “Clinton Body Count +5 in Just 6 Weeks” … or “trail of dead bodies leading to Obama’s white house worse than Hillary’s” …or “Cash flows to Clinton Foundation from Russian Uranium Deal” …

GreenCherries 19 Aug
The reason they get away with it is because Bill is a Rockefeller illuminati bloodline. Clinton’s mother worked as a maid at the Rockerfeller mansion. Rip Jen. Thank you for your bravery.

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