McAllisterTV: The Meme ”And that is why only one of you has to go to the pool party at the Vanderbilt Estate”


Published on 30 Aug 2018

Q Mega Memes:!XtNhURSb!1Mdrvt-Y_onBw5VlFDRdCQ!TwtjWLJb


The word ”Elite” no longer signifies ”greatness” but now rather signifies the exact opposite.  McA doesn’t bother observing whether ”they” are male or female anymore as ”they” so often gender switch or are transex.

Serene Christine
“hankerchiefs “ around the boys necks…..hmmm

Catherine O’Connell
Aretha Franklin laid out in coffin >> red dress….red shoes……..snuff said

look at 28:09…look at her fingers...they’re green…and it looks like maybe there are extra fingers...lizard? ..Large hands for a tiny gal don’t ya think ?  The giants of old had 6 digits.

Truth is Forever
barbwireheart, Definitely something going on with those hand/fingers.Right hand is long skinny greenish tips, left hand has short fingers, the hand is square and looks swollen… Thanks for pointing that out.

Hyacinth Bucket – > barbwireheart
Fallen angels have six digits. She also has a very square jaw.

Bonita Crow
I agree with you about the possibility that Gloria is actually male. Notice that (s)he always wears either a high collar or heavy jewelry around the neck. Is shim hiding an Adam’s apple or scar? Regardless of gender, Gloria is a wretched, unbalanced freak of nature.

Theodore Three Bears
Hey McAllister, now I will give you another name for Tanit/Tophet and it will all come together. ……. ‘Queen of Heaven.” Look at one of the names the Catholic church gave Mary. Look at the move within the Catholic church to replace the Holy Spirit with Mary, queen of heaven, mother of god (tammuz) her earthly name was Serriramis. The original babylonian religion of Revelation. Now you see the connection with the church, now you see how evil it really is.

So Cal Bee Guy
Theodore Three Bears Hey, that is a very interesting venue of inquiry – it may pan out to be true that the Tanit business was translated into the Catholic story. Certainly if there was anything truly divine happening in the days of Jesus, the Romans and the Church would want to co-opt it for their own and twist it. I have long suspected that Evil is a system that has many manifestations. Sometimes I see likely connections like the one you noted. And here we have the Tanit symbol relating to the Egyptian Ankh as well, and many people have linked Egypt to similar occult practices. Seeing the common thread running through it all seems to be coming to light more and more. You may be interested in this idea as well: The Masons, who at first were really masons and had great knowledge of geometry, seem to have been co-opted by what we call the Illuminati in Bavaria. (Side note: Bavaria is also the origin of the quasi-demonic Postmodernism plaguing our society today). This happened somewhere during the life of Mozart, who was inducted into a Masonic group. This is not a criticism of Mozart the man, he seemed to be rather naive about anything besides his music. But he wrote an opera that is widely recognized to be Masonic in almost any thorough book on the subject of opera called “The Magic Flute”. In this opera there is a figure extremely reminiscent of Tanit, called The Queen of the Night.

It is also very similar to that recent photo of Obama in that weird costume with horns and sequins. It’s hard for me to not see it that way until something refutes it, always looking for another thread to add to the theory to build the big picture. I never even thought to see the Catholic Virgin Mary as a possible candidate, thanks for that!!! And holy shit, that really would imply and explain a lot.

11 September 2014: Strange Photo From Speech Reveals Obama Wearing Horns???

Robber Baroness (edited)
OMG! Teresa May wears one if those chain necklaces. That Tanit symbol looks like the logo for the Women’s spirituality movement in the 80s. I also wonder if this is the same Mother Goddess that Arizona Wilder talked about with David Icke. Tanit must bring wealth. I wonder if they sacrificed the first born for wealth, but the next kids could stay alive. Have you read ”Howl” by Alan Ginsburg? Moloch is a metaphor in that poem.

Our Cellar Door
“Tannis anyone?” Rosemary being forced to eat TANNIS ROOT and wear it in an antique necklace inside an spherical charm. The moment the satanic neighbours find out she wants to have a kid… You should search for Enriqueta Martí (Barcelona, Spain 1912-1913) aka the vampire of Barcelona. There is a video here in youtube:

Cindy Sly (edited)
These weren’t gods they were demons. There’s even a scripture in the Bible that says do not make your children walk through the fire. God is love. Satan is Death.

I prefer the term ‘Patriot’. That’s about the midst honorable and Respectful thing one could call a God Fearing, country serving American, that is fighting for what’s Just and Right. These ‘Elites’ are Truly despicable and Vile animals, who are so weak minded and shallow that they routinely do unspeakable things just to have favor with other vile ‘people’. Their end will be to be tormented and burn in hell for eternity. God be with this movement Always! WWG1WGA

Valeria Paciocco
Has nobody ever noticed both of the Cooper-Vanderbilt boys don’t look much like their parents . And they don’t even look like each other ????

Wendy Koval
Anderson’s gonna need a lot of therapy, when he finally comes OUT !

Robber Baroness  (edited)
Moloch looks like the Wicker Man. There’s a British writer, Tanith Lee who died a few years ago. She was an excellent writer of dark fantasy and horror, but some of her stories are sadistic and I can’t read them. Some of her stories deal with weird rituals and sacrifices. I always thought it was fiction, or just occultism used as a vehicle for fiction. Now I wonder if it’s deeper than that. Everything she wrote was published. That is not common for even the best writers.

7 Openings for 7 sacrifices – the most important being the last – the child.

karen nichols
I think lee is a part of the 13 bloodlines


Wall of Fire  (edited)
They beat drums to drown out the cries of the babies & to whip the crowd into a frensy. I know I’ll never buy a Vanderbilt product again. Off brands for me or I design my own! The so-called “goddess” monstrosity above Vanderbilt’s bed looks like a nun. My parents raised me catholic & it is steeped in idolatry, occultism & paganism. I always felt something was wrong. Then, I had a nun (yes, I said nun) sexually abuse me & my Mother finally took me out of catholic school. Didn’t want to have anything to do with any sort of religion until I was in my late 20’s. I did get a better educational foundation but even a broken clock is right twice a day:)


Daily Mail 24 march 2015: Sports Illustrated model Tanit Phoenix dazzles in aqua blue bikini as she soaks up the sun on Hawaiian beach break


dan sullivan
Deplorable has done it again 💩 Grandpa was watching Peppa pig with the grandkids😘 when Peppa was given a pair of Red Shoes! Next was the breakfast episode – it looked like she had 🥓 bacon on
her plate . Canabalizm right ? 🤔

Always Learning
Get the book, Alejandro. Exposed a lot about these people. Gaga a man. He alluded the real Katy perry no longer around and it’s a man. He wrote another book exposing Freemasons and the Pope. I just ordered that one. He talks about Cindy McCain, Robin Williams. Deep dark stuff. Says Katy perry song, Dark Horse is about Cindy McCain’s evil appetite and alluded to cannibalism. He, Alejandro Estrada even wishes they will sue him so it will all go on the record. McCallister that would be a good video.

as for the bird symbolism: Khna was renamed ”Phoinix,” this is where the term Phoenician comes from. the phoenix.

onecheeky monkey
I can tell you how the two go together. The Waffen SS were Swiss who were in Caanan from Babylon from Egypt. The Nazis were the regular Germans. The night of the long knives the Nazi leaders were killed and the Swiss took their place and the war went hot. Luciferians in Switzerland came back from Jerusalem with the Knights Templar in 1291. Started the western hegemony we are under today. All roads lead to Switzerland. They are leaving and heading east. new name same game.

Tony Podesta and Alex Soros: Why the Red Shoes?

Soros’ son (Alex Soros) at a Spirit Cooking event

Tracie Roberts  (edited)
Researchers: 1:46 The hands are serpents holding a DNA strand in their mouths. Look how it is dressed: Think Skeksis in “The Dark Crystal”, Jim Henson’ s last work.

When Linda read the article from 1923, she said they found sacrificial chambers in a “tier of three”. Now look at the Pope’s crown. Three tiers. Hmmm. (Bet you will not watch horse racing, triple crown, without thinking of this now…..).

22:53 Those are anchors on the sides. Phoenicians were seafaring people. Pirates, really. They brought no value with them. They go out, find something and destroy it, taking all value for themselves. Pirates. Listen to Bob Marley, Redemption Song: “Old pirates, yes, they rob I, Sold I to the merchant ships minutes after they take I from the bottomless pit…” There is another one they killed…..

The box on the bottom is Saturn’s cube. Compare this to the early Christian symbols.

24:15 Turn the image upside down. See the grey thing with the “Elizabethan” collar? Skeksis, again.

24:44. Cross reference this image with Sumerian tree of life. Straight out of Babylon. The Phoenix is the Igigi leader. Rising from “hell” to rule above. That’s your fallen angels. Igigi, Grigori (Catholic sect name, too), or Gargoyles. They are beaked Reptilians. Tails and wings are signs of rank. How many ranks of angels are there?

Finally, 25:20 Sumer, again. (In the Bible, Sumer is Shinar.) Linda was wondering about the Iron Eagle. It’s wings are indeed Egyptian – Babylonian. Cross reference with the winged image of NI.BI.RU from Sumer. I believe it is a match. Also, Ahura Mazda of the Zoroastrian religion.

Connie Fox (edited)
All these symbols she wore looking like she was head of the house of horrors. Like her art work she collected all seems to be the same looks like her. As being Tanit .. But what’s up with the checkered prints throughout her house), (didn’t some of the abused children have to dress in checkered prints and bandanas used in such rituals, or the chosen one for it ) M Vineyard O b a m a.) Her two boys are wearing them as well.  Just saying more symbols then meets the eye .

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