Journalist Jenny Moore Found Dead After Investigating Clinton Sex Crimes

14 August 2018

”An advocate and investigator into trafficked and abused children, Moore was in the process of looking into allegations made by a 26-year-old man who claimed as a young boy, Bill Clinton had sexually assaulted him and pimped him out at private D.C. sex parties where other D.C. elites frequented.

Moore had contacted True Pundit in June with the allegations against Clinton, and was able to speak face-to-face with Moore and the alleged victim in several locations. In July, the victim agreed to speak to Paine about what he experienced with Clinton but along with Moore, the victim wanted to speak to the FBI and Homeland Security first to see if a criminal case against Clinton would be opened before publicizing the claims.

“Jen thought that with a criminal probe, federal agents could use the victim possibly to dangle in front of Clinton to see if he made a mistake or tried to pay him off,” the site said. “She was worried about the safety of the victim and was working to find him safe harbor until this story broke. Now she is the one who turned up dead.”

The victim claimed to have been sexually assaulted by Clinton on a yacht in New England and knows several other child victims and their identities who were also subjected to the same abuses. He also confirmed a number of “boat parties” where he witnessed other children being physically and sexually abused.

The ”boat parties” were allegedly attended by elite members of the D.C. political echelon, according to both the victim and Moore. The victim added that it was not just young boys being victimized and abused, but young girls as well.

Within a month of Moore supplying details to federal agents and having documented the interactions with several alleged victims of the Clintons, Moore turned up dead.

The story is developing.

Medals Honor 14 Aug
What a surprise! Not. Victim Number 358 of the Clinton Crime Family.

CyanBlowdryer – > Medalof Honor 16 Aug
Sorry but the number is now 478.

GoldClover 14 Aug
She looks like Erin Moran from Happy Days. Different info online says she was told to be checked on at a hotel by some guy called George Webb and thats why they found her? Was trying to find her articles and the only one missing was about James Alefantis? What the heck is going on? Who is this woman? Why so many conflicting stories online? FYI the whole world knows Bill C is a sick predator. What we want to know is when will he finally pay for his horrible acts?

RedPumpkin 15 Aug
Another Arkacide by the Clinton Crime Syndicate? There have been too many to consider this anything but another hit. Lock up and throw away the keys…all of them should never see the light of day again! Clinton’s are scum.

Steve thinks! – > RedPumpkin 17 Aug
Hi Orange, you’re correct I agree. The Protocols of Zion say death is the best solution. If a leader leads from morals he or she will certainly fail. A Wall Street Banker, who had lived at Waldorf Astoria, after a crash was released from an asylum and deleted. He might have talked in that condition. Dragon Thinking, Luciferism,, Satan woreship, peadophilia, wackadoodleists.

Mark McCandlish 15 Aug
There is an aerosol that is used by special ops soldiers and assassination teams, called Trypto-Methyl-Chloride. It has a chemical halflife of less than five minutes once inhaled by the target. A minimum dose knocks out the target in about a half a second and they will sleep for a period of time. Longer doses or exposure will cause death including stroke or seizure symptoms. It is undetectable in the normal course of post-mortem pathology and testing. The only earmark of this drug having been used is that it raises the melatonin levels in the body of the target by 65%-85%.

CyanButterfly 17 Aug
There seems a lot of smoke around the Clinton’s many dead associates. Has anyone actually done an investigation, or is this the kind of thing which Mr. Sessions avoids at all costs?

For some reason our Justice Department appears completely passive in the face of potential criminal defendants from the progressive or “liberal” sides of the aisle. Note that Manafort is being pursued for old tax crimes; not for “Russian collusion,” yet the Clintons feasted on money from Russians, as did their charitable foundation, and our security services certainly participated in the miserable “Russian dossier” as though it was carefully investigated. And as for political corruption, who could hold a candle to the Clinton’s receipt of money from Chinese interests, and Bill’s receipt of a cool half million Dollars for a “speech” in Moscow, paid by one of the banks organizing the Uranium One transaction.

As just a hick from outside Washington, DC., it appears to me that our capitol is somewhat a cesspool of serious crimes and corruption, and those committed by the Democrats and establishment sorts are always ignored.

And they wonder why we don’t trust Washington..

GreenBullhorn – > CyanButterfly 20 Aug
OliveButton. good blog. I believe every word of what you wrote. Mueller was involved heavily in the Uranium One deal and benefited monetarily. That is why the “Deep State” through Rob Rosenstein got Mueller appointed to head the Special Counsel looking into the scam of Russian Collusion. Remember, there was no Russian collusion by President Trump, but the Democrats and Hillary Clinton was invoved thoroughly. Also, all the people prosecuted by Mueller have been found to be guilty of everything except Russian Collusion. Time to shut this scam down

Stevethinks! 17 Aug
The Zion-globalists (or Illuminati or Elders Or?) will not allow the Clinton Kebab to be impeached. Those at the top are invisible, Clintons as with Soros are 2nd tier possibly. In no way have they ever been indicted. Illuminari International Bankers;- says it all. Bigger than Ma Bell. LOL

her first mistake was trusting the fbi and homeland security, you seen how they protected hillary, but then the same thing happened to scolia, found dead, no autopsy and hurry up and bury the evidence, seems to be a pattern with democrats, same kind of things happen in russia lol

GoldRaindrop 17 Aug
This is just more proof that something needs to be done about the Clintons ! It’s not ok to kill people to keep the truth from the American people ! It’s Time, send in the troops, bust down the door, ferret Them out, drag them out in handcuffs with the camera rolling ! We the people deserve much better than this ! Money corrupts, and the Clintons are proof of that ! Our Country is being pooped on by people with complete depravity. We need to demand that the government rectify this embarrassment known to the world as Clintons ! If this was Russia the Clintons would have been killed years ago for their crimes ! Sick of these people getting away with whatever wrong they do !

Boat Parties?  Canada Lakes?

”Clinton Boat Ride” Lake Massawippi Quebec – The Trudeaus have their own ”private” lake – Lake Harrington.

Daily Mail 24 August 2017: O Clinton-a: Hillary dotes on baby Aidan as she and Bill are joined by Chelsea, Marc and the grandkids on family vacation in Quebec

Jun 17, 2018

Canadian Prime minister’s summer retreat getting a few upgrades

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, left, chats with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at Harrington Lake in 2013.

Lake Harrington

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