Windows On The World: Decoding Magic and Kabbalah

Windows On The World
Published on 12 Aug 2018

This is really a Luciferian Doctrine.  The origins of Kabbalah is in the Torah.  A lot of it is about Numerology & Gematria.  However Hebrew is NOT a pure language so this brings into doubt that the letters of the Hebrew alphabet were God given.  Ancient Syria had a cuneiform language called Ebla probably closer to the mark and it was highly advanced.  The belief that the Universe was made up of 9 spheres GW: ties in with the original numerical concept of Heaven as 7 (God) 9/9/ where one 9 was destroyed and the other 9 was cast out with God & Jesus both ”Perfect” = 73/37.

kroikye (edited)
The Greatest Rebel to God is the Antichrist Papacy, the Kabbalists All Bow down to the Popes : All the World Wonders After the Beast.
The Greek word ANTI means ; Opposite of, but also : IN PLACE OF. Now the main Title for the Popes is : ” Vicar of Christ “ which means : Replacement of Jesus Christ on Earth. Nearly All the Early Protestant leaders Believed that Papal Rome was the Prophesied ” Little Horn Power “ ( Little Kingdom ) that ruled over the Kings of the Earth ; the Man of Sin. To Counter this widespread view, FUTURISM was devised by 16th Century Jesuit Francisco Ribera. This New Interpretation of End Time Prophecy got People Looking for a Future Antichrist, this new view Cleverly Absolved the Papal Dynasty from being the Antichrist. Now we see the Papacy has recovered from its ( seemingly ) ” Deadly Head Wound “, and is Leading the Agenda of the N.W.O( the coming Worldwide Antichrist System ). Who Else on Earth has Already killed Millions of Christians in her Centuries Long Inquisitions ? Which MAN Claims to be the ” Head of the Church “ ? ( which in Reality is Jesus Christ of course ! ) Please Study the HISTORICIST Truth of Prophecy, what Everyone Believed before 1900. God bless.

In ancient hebrew wah wah wah means www which means 666

telepathic swan
Great show! Purification is brought about by service to others! Christ is the way, the truth and the light.

Eman Puedama
Very interesting breakdown. That’s a great point that the Hebrew language has developed a lot, which makes the idea that it’s somehow pure and uniquely symbolic a bit suspect. I already thought it was a suspect idea, purely due to all the claims for other languages having some special significance, including Sanskrit, and also the ‘Enochian’ language, which the Elizabethan scholar John Dee claimed was the original language of Angels, and which he built a magical system on.
One thing though – You say that there were non-Jewish influences on the development of Kabballah, and this rings true to me as I’ve heard that there were many similar diagrams to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life in the ancient world, and that a general term for them is ‘Porphyrian Tree’, after the Neo-Platonist, Porphyry.

Since that’s the case, does it matter so much if a Rabbi thinks that only interpretations of Kabballah which are strongly rooted in Judaism are legitimate?
To me, the question seems to be whether all these systems work in some magical/mystical way – not necessarily because they uniquely symbolic, but because they are, and/or have been, symbolic to a large number of people.
I suppose that generates more questions such as “Do such systems have to have some kind of inner coherence and so be an accurate map of reality in some way in order to have magical power?”, and, “Does something have to have been symbolic to a lot of people in order to have magical power, or can it be completely personal?”
I gather that latter question has been much debated in certain circles- particularly in regard to the topic of Chaos magic.

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