That’s it – Corbyn stood next to some gravestones marking the burial places of some folk killed by Mossad in 1991 or was it the graves of Israeli athletes killed in 1972 – either way he should be sacked immediately for raking up the past with this cemetarial obsession of his & anyway it has all made Sajid Javid positively apoplectic!

And if the ToriCon Party don’t immediately appoint Sajid Javid as supreme leader in order to save the us from this dreadful Brexitosis that has afflicted the nation, then I don’t know what will happen next.

I have been reliably informed by a very reliable source that Jeremy Corbyn once walked under a bridge in either 1997,99 or 2003 that Adolf Hitler once walked under.

I am personally devastated by this information and in my opinion Jeremy Corbyn should consider his position immediately!

He was goosestepping and shouting Heil Hitler at the time but hey… you might get a Labour leader soon so hold your nose and think of England!

The antiCorbyn technique:

Get a huge dossier of everything that Corbyn ever did, or said. Find a way to distort it. Feed it out to the mediaq in dribs and drabs.

A never ending feed of antiCorbyn propaganda.

Probably much money being spent on paying antiCorbyn staff.

What’s interesting is the fact that it’s backfiring. I wonder how long before the Indie goes the way of the Guardian and abandoons BTL comment?

I’m still waiting for the Indy to report on the shady activities of their favourite Blairite, Chukka Umunna and pals, down at Fair Oak Farm, which other sites and the radio have been reporting for days.

Bet it was a bluey they were making…

GW: Fair Oak Farm or Detox Mansion?

Foul Ole Ron.
The issue will never be allowed to go away. The people driving it are relentless. Every concession Corbyn makes will be derided as “not enough”. They will be content with nothing short of driving him out of public life. The reasons are obvious; first his lifelong championing of Palestinian rights has enraged the Israelis, especially as when he becomes PM Britain will recognise Palestine as other nations have done. This will be a major diplomatic setback for Israel. Second, remember also, many of the leading figures in the Board of Deputies and the Council of Jewish leaders are Tory activists.

This opens the question of to what extent British Jewish organisations are pursuing their own proper agenda, (i.e. the promotion and protection of the interests of British Jews) to what extent are they being used as agents of a foreign power and to what extent are they being used as ”cats’ paws” by a political party that is stuffed with self-interested sociopaths? Being used by others can leave one in an uncomfortable position when those others decide you are no longer a useful tool. If I were a British Jew, I would be examining my position and my “allies” with some care.

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