I’m nearly 100 years old, I saw the 1945 refugee crisis firsthand – and I need people to listen to my warning

”In this meeting I was asked how my journey towards refugee advocacy started. For me, it began near dusk on a day near the end of April 1945 when my RAF unit made camp close to the Dutch-German border.

In the distance, artillery rumbled, sounding to my ear like thunder did when it struck the moors, miles from my mother’s one-up-one-down house in an ugly part of Halifax. The fragrance of spring flowers coming into bloom jarred against the remnants of war that surrounded me, from burnt-out German vehicles to the bloated corpses of horses that lay at the side of the roadway.

All of Europe ached from the pain of battle, hunger, injury, loss, and death. We were a generation bleeding out from the madness of fascism that had butchered a continent. Humanity, however, hadn’t deserted my generation even if the war had stolen our innocence.

That’s why, on that night, when scores of refugee children came to our perimeter fence enticed by the smell of stew that cooked on our camp stoves, we didn’t turn our backs on those children, like so many well-fed people do today in Europe and America. No, we fed them, played with them and gave them a safe place to kip until the Red Cross arrived and took them to safety.”


e really cannot compare the situation of 1945 to the situation in Europe today. In 1945 the war had displaced many thousands of people,but these refugees fitted in to the UK and USA,because they were culturally Europeans. They did the hardest lowest paid work to begin with, recieved few or no benefits, but thrived in their new homes generally. Today’s illegal migrants are less than 10% genuine refugees. They are trafficked people, an enormous moneymaking scam. They will not fit into European societies, but seek to carry on the same life they left and even claim special rights. They do not bring anything to the economies of the host countries, a tiny percentage of the 2015 wave of migrants to Germany are in paid work today. I don’t see the rise of nationalist parties in Europe as akin to fascism. It is the European people trying to hold on to their homelands. The threat is far more serious than people think. A million migrants are planned to be diverted to Ireland, with whom Britain has no effective border.These people have vast counties in which to live – moving from one part to another can bring safety. We on the other hand only have Europe as our home, something that our seniors, including this writer,f ought for 5 years to preserve as a place of liberty and progress. We mustn’t let our politicians throw this away. The chaos being created in Europe could lead to totalitarianism, and this won’t be due to “right-wing “ parties.

I read this because anyone who has lived for 95 years has something interesting to say and should be listened to. Unfortunately it doesn’t mean they automatically have especially clear sight or good judgement about what should be done today and this article proves that pretty clearly.

The hungry kids at the fence of your camp were presumably local and genuinely impoverished by the actual war that was going on around them.

They weren’t floating around the med on lilos demanding the governments of Egypt and Morocco rescue and house them, while drawing cartoons discouraging the rape of local women. To say nothing of the various murderous rampages committed by “refugees” who perceive an insufficient reverence on the part of their hosts for the religion which made them refugees in the first place.

That’s because they were local children who were scared and hungry, not an invading swarm of criminals whose religion centres around hating us.

If you want to help refugees don’t look to a human act of kindness in the closing stages of the war. Look instead to the reason you were fighting the war in the first place.

Defeating the evil ideology of radical Islam and liberating the people living under it to make their own countries as prosperous and free as Europe was after WW2 is a far more noble endeavour than assisting criminal and terrorist people smugglers to exploit the desperation of those people.

GW:  However tptwtb try to dress it up, the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan is still the Coudenhove Kalergi Plan!  An intellectually debased European population whose culture has been ruthlessly smothered & maligned is more easily controlled by tptwtb.

Furthermore the population of Britain in 1945 was 49,190,000.  It is now 80,000,000 according to supermarket research.  Britain is ”full up” for the foreseeable future until some of the current population move off somewhere else.

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