QinetiQ’s Social Engineering, #FakeNews & the IG Report with David Hawkins & Field McConnell

Jason Goodman Streamed live 21 hours ago

janice plott
All the disruption I think all is on purpose. Have been reading about what Microsoft and company are attempting to kill the internet a piece at a time.

Blondie 95
Man it’s hard as hell to believe what Field is saying about VP Pence, I pray it’s not true

Lois Lane
Very interesting that Obama and Hillary have both visited New Zealand lately.

Robert Castle
Make no mistake the deep state was responsible for ambassador Stevens horrendous torturous death pour encourager les autres because he wanted to expose their links with sponsored terrorism.i.e. the c.i.a.finances Isis and al queeda for the deep state who are the worst terrorists on earth in order to usher in a new dark age of Luciferian ancient mystery religions of Babylon and Egypt. They wish to enslave us all. All terrorism is wrong but the new world order is responsible for all the false flag terrorist attacks e.g. 9/11 and last Vegas just to mention two out of many. they also are ruining the world’s eco system. when Martin Luther king had his march on Washington that could have brought them down. then they killed him. it Can be done again though successfully.

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