James Munder
Published on 9 Jun 2018

Tucson is Not a psyop, proof is who is involved. Tards claim hoax. Even if homeless got tank, how would they move it there, bury it without anyone noticing?

Culture Detox (edited)
WTH is going on, Satan is really messing with self righteous slanderous YouTubers. So Lewis was arrested, who cares 1/3 of Americans were arrested. This seems to be a coordinated attack. Come on Tucson borders Mexico there’s human trafficking there. Has been for years. This is very important, this one group can break open the giant can of worms. Cemex has billions does anyone think they don’t throw around money to the ones they know are weak links. Cemex has a well coordinated anti attack going and some self righteous fools on YouTube and social media are buying their dirty wares.

Elizabeth Sisney
No way! They don’t want any connection to go near them. When MSM yells it’s FAKE! It’s time to do a deep dive research and see where it leads.

BC Barnett
Like me not going near McDonalds since Bill Gates said it was his favorite. Omg, was Bourdain a human meat chef?

Quemielle DuChesne
Red scarf on the door knobs of Spade and Bourdain. Adrenochrome cult members ready to confess/talk. Murdered by Clinton/Soros.

That mask was not representing a mouse it was representing a rat. Kate Spade was found wearing a rat mask also from what I’ve heard, when they discovered her body. I believe he was forced to wear that mask.

Shelley DeWitt
So, in 4 days, there was Kate Spade 55, hanged herself. The Dutch queen’s youngest sister 33, hanged herself. Anthony Bourdain, 61, hanged himself. All were said to be depressed and suffering from mental issues. All of them had some links, either good or bad to HRC and/or Obama.

Shelley DeWitt
WHITE RABBIT NEWS There are videos from Anthony Bourdain’s show, when he had Obama on, which was more than once, where they were eating hot dogs and joking about the amount of ketchup being used, or something like that. This is bothersome to anyone who knows the terms for children regarding pedophilia.

sheeple beware
It is very likely that site was a stop over point for child trafficking. It was just not occupied at the time. Now the question I have is why it was bulldozed so soon after being exposed? Was it to destroy evidence of crimes or to prevent new crimes? Keep in mind that when historical artifacts are discovered, trained experts are brought in to excavate the site with shovels, brushes, and pails, not heavy equipment to grade and plow everything under. What are they hiding?

Truth Prevails Dark  (edited)
Bourdain was into collecting Trepanning tools. Major collector! Very strange to be into Trepanning! What type of chef was he really a Jimmy Comet, Alex Podesta, Tony Podesta type chef! Tucson Az is not a psyop. Craig Sawyer is an agent he is trying to bring Lewis down and make ppl look away. They are calling him a drug addict he will be killed & call it overdose. Who is Mayor of Tucson? Jonathan Rothschild!

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