Reptile Roundup

Global Institute 22 May 2018: Tony Blair: Brexit Deadlock

Remainers have realised that Labour Party is not the route to staying in EUSSR.  Treason May’s position is untenable.

Guardian 21 May 2018: Nick Clegg: ”What this country is experiencing, with all the risks and threats it poses, is nothing short of a political and constitutional crisis”

BBC 9 April 2018: Ex-Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg claims it is “highly likely” a breakaway party will form from within Labour to fill the “gaping hole” in politics.

GW:  So the guy at the top who made that dreadful decision on Iraq based on fake information – dodgy dossier – and the one below who lost his seat in 2015 and is a member of a party with a membership of two persons and a dog are speculating on the irrational nature of a decision by 17.4 Million UK voters – DER – go take a hike both of you!

Health and Social Care secretary Jeremy Hunt has announced that the UK will host the first ever Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit in London this October.


Michael Gove and Ruth Davidson team up to back new Tory think tank called ”Onward” – called ”Onwards” because the ToriCons are in reverse gear at the moment?

GW:  How many ”Think Tanks” do the ToriCons need in order to change ONE lightbulb I wonder?

Thanks to UK Column News 22 May for the information.

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