#AntiSchool March 19 2018

AS:”Stay with God baby – Peace & Out.”

Joe Hirstein
Saudi Prince did that because Trump called them out on 9 1 1 stuff no choice

Zuckerberg didn’t invent anything. He stole it from his roommates and had to pay something like ten Million dollars to his roommates in court.

MrFishone777 – close on the Zuck. Really glad to see you & others are poking around for some truth. Keep Pushing, cuz we need ya to spread the truth!
What if: Real name Jacob Greenberg, grandson of David Rockefeller who was awarded the FaceCrook franchise for doing such outstanding jew work of destorying OUR GREAT WHITE CHRISTIAN GENTILE NAITON. Gotta learn how Rockefeller paid universities to drop our thousands of years of medicine to teach only his pharmaceutical poisons & is heavily involved in UN Agenda 21 among everything else evil. So, he chose Jacob to give it to. Little brat then changes his name cuz he’s now a Corporation & his Corporate id is Zuckerberg.
It goes on, aside from Zuck, as Bill Clinton is said bastard son of Winthrop Rockefeller. Hilda & he may be cousins & what if her real name is Radomski, Polish jew who changed their name in England? We shall know them by their deeds… sociopath bloodlines. thanks

Sally van der Graaff
Actually, someone else (forgot his name, but he was interviewed on American Intelligence Media) invented social media. The patent attorney who was *supposed * to be helping him get his idea patented instead leaked it far and wide in order to make it “open source”, and therefore fair game for other tech people. Once this happened, the government (DARPA, I think) made up Facebook and chose Mark Suckerberg as its “face” . . . Not sure how the roommates figure into the equation, but these people are true lowlifes! (But you knew that, right?)

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