Brexiteer Kate Hoey MOCKS EU’s history of trade blunders in warning against customs union

”Speaking to Niall Paterson on Sky News, the Vauxhall MP pointed out that even the European Commission has conceded that deals outside the EU are more important.

The stark warning from the Labour politician follows speculation that Jeremy Corbyn may confirm a shift in Labour Brexit policy tomorrow towards a customs union with the EU.

Ms Hoey said: “When you think about how long the EU has taken to get trade deals – and they still haven’t got them – with China, India, America.

“For us to be saying, we’re half in, we’re half-out makes no sense. That would still give the EU control, very simply.

“If you are looking long-term, our trade is going down with the EU every year.

“Even the European Commission have said that 90% of the growth worldwide is outside the EU.

“This is a great opportunity, we can make a huge benefit of leaving. If we only half-leave, half-out, it’s not leaving.

“There is a good left-wing argument for leaving – the EU does not care about democracy.”

Ms Hoey warned party leader Mr Corbyn against bowing to pressure from Remain-backing MPs like Chuka Umunna.

She told Sky News: “I don’t think Corbyn’s speech will be as seismic as some people are suggesting.

“I am worried he is being pressured by the 80-odd people who signed that letter today about staying in the Single Marketthose are mostly people who never wanted Jeremy to be leader, and are the last remnants of the Blairite project.

“But, if they get their way, we would go into the next election telling voters we don’t want our own trade policy.

“I just don’t understand how we could have a customs union that would still give us the freedom to make our own trade deals.”

MP Frank Field

With Kate Hoey, Frank Fields and others like them we need to combat this sudden rise in the Labour party voices like Moaning Umunna.  You mean ChuckUp Umoana

And yet the Uk remoaners want to keep us shackled to a dwindling, stagnant, going nowhere EU, i can understand why there are so many worried non Brit EU trolls on here inc our resident alias H/Bluff, that want to keep the UK tied in to prop up the many poor EU countries already in it & they have the cheek to want to add MORE non payers to this club of scratters. Time to break free just as we Democratically voted and excel in the wider more prosperous EU free world, we have propped the EU up enough, time for them to prop themselves up.

I’ve got a lot of time for Kate Hoey. She says what she thinks without being nasty and spiteful. It’s a lesson some women in her party could learn. The names Abbott and Thornberry spring to mind.

The EU is like a jilted partner, where its now ex has moved on to a better richer looking partner, and the EU pretends its ex needs it still and can’t live without it, at the same time it is bitter at being rejected and to stop the others moving on acts like a bunny boiler and uses ROI (the child) as a pawn, blackmailing and making threats.

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